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Sneakers are a popular choice of footwear for general consumers primarily because of their comfort, versatility, and functionality. Low top designer sneakers can be classified into three types based on construction – the low tops, the mid tops, and high tops.

Low top designer sneakers have collars that do not cover the ankles, and usually very minimal in design and structure. They are sometimes referred to as “lows” or “low cuts.”

Cool high top sneakers, on the other hand, have collars that extend past over the ankle for additional ankle support and a more locked-in fit.

Mid top sneakers fall between the low tops and the high tops. Sneakers under this classification cover the ankles but not as extensive as that of the high tops’ coverage, with their collar situated not higher than the ankle.

The majority of sneakers currently in the chinese sneakers market falls under the low top classification.

A true style accessory that is completely unisex and suitable for any age. In the classic version, or in the running variant, they perfectly match a blazer with a casually elegant bold cut or with jeans for a more carefree look. Marcusius is a sneakers factory, if you want to design your own shoes sneakers or custom chinese sneakers, please contact us now!!!

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