China Men’s Shoes—Timeless Trends Men Shoe Manufacturers Must Know!

China Men’s Shoes—Timeless Trends Men Shoe Manufacturers Must Know!

China shoe manufacturer 

Are you a shoe manufacturer, shoe retailer, shoe designer, or shoe seller? You would be surprised to know how the global footwear market is predicted to become a $403.2 billion industry by 2025!

China shoe manufacturers have always been the backbone of footwear industry particularly US shoe brands such as Nike, Adidas, and many more renowned names.

In fact, in the past 2 years due to COVID situation, the domestic Chinese market has seen a shift from foreign brands to local Chinese brands as the benchmark of quality and design. Investors are looking forward to domestic manufacturing companies that are overruling the multinational rival brands. Popular clothing and shoe manufacturer Anta Sports passed Nike in 2018 in sales and is the 2nd top sports brand after Adidas.

Are you interested in opening a shoe brand backed by China wholesale shoe manufacturer? Or Are you a China shoe manufacturer who wants to upgrade the shoe industry to men’s timeless trends that sell?

Now is the time to set up your custom shoe brand to excel in the Chinese or foreign marketplace.

Read on to know what trends are in and how to outreach the best China shoe manufacturers for your new luxury sneaker brand out there!

Timeless Trends of Men That Never Change

Men’s trends keep returning and are not prone to drastic changes!

When it comes to men’s fashion shoes, what matters the most is ‘QUALITY’ and ‘DURABILITY’. Whether you are sneaker shoe manufacturer in China or exotic skin shoe manufacturer in the US, you have to value these two qualities in men’s shoe making process.

Reports reveal that the US market, particularly, is at present the sole largest marketplace globally with a strong demand for sportswear and athletic footwear. While, in China and Asian countries, the mass-market footwear demand is that of men’s sneakers as well as branded footwear (at times at very affordable rates too).

We at China shoe manufacturers can be your backbone for a popular sneaker brand or exotic skin dress shoe brand in 2021 in Asia or the US. Whether its private label shoes or custom shoe design and manufacturing, we are up to cater all your needs. Being wholesale sneaker shoe manufacturers, the rates are kept minimal and affordable for start-ups.

What custom shoe design trends never change, let’s have a look:

  1. Retro Sneakers

 Retro Sneakers

Retro fashion trends have infiltrated men’s sneaker shoes as well. Sneakers being men’s closet favorites have adopted retro trend to get the nostalgic vibes of the past century. Even the benchmark US sportswear brands like Adidas, New Balance, Nike are recreating the silhouettes of 80s, 90s, and, in fact, the entire past century.

Sneakers in basic white, grey, and black colors are unfailing styles that instantly uplift the entire look.

  1. Goodyear Welted Shoes
Goodyear welted shoes manufacturer

Goodyear welted shoes manufacturer

Goodyear shoes are timeless trends and China shoe manufacturer’s top priority. The private label Goodyear shoes are more than a regular pair of shoes, they are indeed the ‘hand-carved works of art’. Goodyear shoes fit the trends of both summers and winters. They are renowned for durability and quality as they are manufactured with over 300 steps process, which makes them a bit expensive too.

Most of all, Goodyear welted, casual, leather, exotic skin shoes or slippers are always made to last. Provide your customers with quality Goodyear shoes to get permanent customers.

  1. Suede and Fabric Trainers

 Sneakers manufacturer

Trainers are ultimate game-changers if you ensure comfort from the wholesale trainer manufacturers. The utterly stylish, raised platform shoes are women’s favorite too for their lightweight and extra comfort. Rather, trainers for workout and casual wear can make a brand in itself if you ensure quality.

Marcusius is a well-known factory manufacturers of wholesale trainers. Set up your brand of durable and stylish hand customised trainers backed by Marcusius with lowest MOQ for startups.

  1. Loafers

Loafers manufacturer

Loafers are teenager’s favorites that are a definition of luxury and style. An excellent pair of designer loafers are a lifetime investment in fashionable dress shoes. The popular European shoes come in variety of styles and materials.

Marcusius makes premium quality custom genuine leather loafer shoes that are a must-have for any high-end shoe brand to set a mark on their customers.

  1. Leather Slippers


The most ignored part in men’s shoe manufacturing are men’s slippers for everyday wear. No matter what, the demand for high end casual slippers is an industry in itself. Guangzhou shoe manufacturers admit the fact why men’s slippers can both create a brand or become a reasonable wholesale marketplace.

Whether you are a wholesale shoe retailer, men’s shoe designer, or wholesale shoe manufacturer in China or foreign countries, men’s leather slippers can make a market in itself.

  1. Exotic Skin Dress Shoes


exotic leather shoes manufacturer

A pair of classy and sophisticated dress shoes can entirely change a man’s tread. Utterly chic and exotic, the alligator skin shoes, crocodile skin shoes, lizard skin shoes, python skin shoes, and ostrich skin shoes are top sale point of designer brands. A luxury textured exotic skin shoe pair is the wish of every man out there.

China shoe manufacturers are known for custom exotic footwear manufacturing. Along with crafting the best exotic skin shoes, the china brands ensure quality and durability for your brand or wholesale retail shoe business.

Who is Marcusius?

Shoes manufacturer


Marcusius is a wholesale China shoe brand in Guangzhou that works with premium leather manufacturing industries and shoe fabric manufacturers to backup high-end shoe brands. Unlike other China shoe manufacturers, Marcusius offers lowest MOQ for startup shoe companies as well.

We deal with custom shoe manufacturing as per your shoe designs as well as private label shoe manufacturing.

Get in touch with us to manufacture luxury textured exotic skin shoes, high-end sneakers, hand stitched Goodyear shoes, trainers, and even slippers. Apart from that, we are exotic skin luxury bags manufacturer, exotic skin hat manufacturer, and even exotic skin belt manufacturers too.

Get in touch with us to set up your custom designer shoe brand to be the next Nike or Adidas

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