Startup Guide: Factors To Consider When Buying Wholesale Shoes From China

Startup Guide: Factors To Consider When Buying Wholesale Shoes From China


Want to buy wholesale shoes from China? Thinking to start a wholesale business in China or Western countries?


But choosing a best China shoes in wholesale and reliable Chinese manufacturer is a daunting task.


On the flipside, a report shows that global footwear market will reach $530.3 billion US dollars by 2027. Therefore, the plunge is worth the risk.


Moreover, to back your shoe market experience, we have compiled advice from shoe industry experts and successful shoe entrepreneurs to help you start a business with China manufacturers.


But, before moving forward, let’s reflect on why wholesale manufacturers in China are still the best choice.


Why Shoe Start-ups Choose Shoe Manufacturers In China?


Who doesn’t love quality at an affordable price? Rather, for start-ups, the reasonable initial rates are profitable to allow them offer low promotional costs and keep a good profit margin to win after each sale.


Shoe manufacturers and wholesale from China invest time and money in their merchandise to ensure quality inspection of their goods.


They endeavour to hit a perfect balance between providing quality shoes matching the global-market standards and affordable shoe manufacturing costs to backup start-ups around the world.


Pros and Cons of Buying Bulk Buying Shoes From China




A profitable shoe startup begins with bulk buying from wholesalers or manufacturers to understand the market trends and resell them at a good price.


Moreover, the pros and cons to buy wholesale shoes are:



  • Low price when you bulk buy
  • Greater profit margin
  • Easy to understand what’s selling more



  • Higher costs of warehousing
  • Higher cost of packing and shipping
  • Risk of stocking non-trending shoes



Factors to Consider When Buying From Shoe Manufacturers In China


Now to run a profitable wholesale business with minimal risks, you should consider following factors:


  1. Understand Your Niche Market

Before finding a shoe wholesaler, do the market research to find a gap at local or global level. Understand your target market and estimate the selling scope of the shoe you wish to sell.


With growing fashion women shoe trends and men’s sports shoe industry, you can start small with let’s say pretty beachside jelly shoes for women or luxurious exotic skin leather men’s shoes.


Take inspiration from Croc. Inc. Company, which solely sells kids and adults beachwear and bathroom crocs that feel comfortable on foot at the end of the day.


As per Statistic Brain report, the top selling shoes are men’s sports shoes (with 20% market share), women’s casual shoes (17% market share), and women dress shoes (15% market shoes).


To help with your research beforehand, the popular shoe sizes to invest in for women are US size for women and 10.5 for men. Whereas, popular UK sizes for women are 6 and that for men are 10.



Brainstorm your idea, do adequate market research, set the blueprints, and start looking for an affordable and reliable wholesale shoe seller.


  1. Find a Reliable Shoe Manufacturers Not Wholesalers



What’s the difference between the two? And what needs to be kept in mind when looking for a reliable shoe manufacturing company in China?


Expert shoe manufacturers such as Marcusius, Neonice and many more stand alone as brands who offer custom design shoe manufacturing as well as private label shoe manufacturing options. Rather, if the shoe manufacturing company is established in Guangzhou, China, the reliability factor is higher as it’s the hub of shoe manufacturing companies.


Finding a wholesale shoe seller on platforms like Alibaba, Aliexpress, and more will more likely connect you with wholesalers who do not actually manufacture shoes. They cannot guarantee quality of the shoes, which is essential for a shoe business to compete and flourish amongst competitive global shoe marketplace.


This factor is important to consider because only a shoe manufacturing company can take responsibility of quality manufacturing of each pair of its shoe.


A reliable shoe manufacturer usually has online presence separate from platforms like Alibaba and Aliexpress. Finding a shoe company working since years is an added plus for you to rely on to.


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  1. Consider the MOQ (Minimum Order Quantity)



When you get in touch with a shoe supplier, ask for minimum order quantity (MOQ) to support your start up idea. Whether you are initiating a wholesale shoe business, low MOQ lets you minimise the risk and analyse the market trends over time.


Moreover, with shipping charges and taxes, a low MOQ will help you bulk buy shoes that are still within your initial budget.


  1. Quality Assurance Is the Key



Even if you buy shoes in bulk from China, quality checks must be performed.


You can hire companies within China who can visit the shoe industry you wish to work with and perform basic quality checks of the shoes. You can visit the shoe manufacturing company in person to know the process of shoe manufacturing and witness the quality checks being performed.


A trustworthy shoe manufacturer would always welcome any kind of quality checks their clients would like to perform.


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  1. Calculate the Import Costs


Importing costs from China have particularly increased recently but the low manufacturing costs balances it out. Use the ten-digit tariff classification number for the shoe style you wish to import from China with the certificate of origin to calculate the rate of duty.


In fact, the landing costs are comprised of various factors:

  • Product price as per supplier
  • Shipping charges
  • Custom clearance rates
  • Duty/tax/landing transport charges


If the sum total falls within your budgets, shoe industry is open to your brilliant design ideas to create a unique line of shoes in present consumer society.


Why Choose Marcusius—Men’s Shoe Manufacturer In China?


At Marcusius, we have our own men’s shoe manufacturing factories where we offer custom shoes and private label shoes as well as wholesale shoes to support small scale to medium scale business. We offer low MOQ (minimum order quantity) as much as 20 pairs to make a long-term relationship of trust with our clients and support their innovative shoe business ideas.


We welcome our clients to visit us and perform quality control checks in person to understand what value our shoes can add to your new wholesale shoe venture. To ensure transparency of the process and gain trust of our clients, we haven’t affiliated ourselves with any wholesale Chinese online platforms.


Explore through our exotic men’s shoes, leather dress shoes and athletic sneakers to get a glimpse of luxurious quality of our menswear!


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