Leather, Rubber or Synthetics: What Shoe Material Is Most Durable As Work Shoes?

Leather, Rubber or Synthetics: What Shoe Material Is Most Durable As Work Shoes?


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Shoe manufacturing is quite a labor-intensive industry that demands high claims as well as product quality. Shoes are designed and crafted for a variety of uses, events, people, etc. in an array of styles and designs.


When it comes choosing the best work shoes that are lasting and durable, shoe materials is the first thing to be accounted for. Whether it is rubber, leather, or synthetics that suit the work environment. Work boots need to be durable enough to bear the work-related accidents and prevent injuries when it comes to working in industries, laboratories, automobile workshops, etc.


No matter how lush and stylish designer shoes look; when it comes to selecting work shoes or safety shoes for yourself, China shoe manufacturers are the most reliable ones in using the best material during the manufacturing process. China manufacturing companies wholesale industries are among the leading reliable providers of best shoe materials for which reason China has been a leading shoe manufacturer for renowned US shoe brands such as NIKE, etc.


How to Choose the Best Work Shoes For Yourself?


When buying work shoes, there are a number of factors that need to be considered including comfort, durability, and material of the shoe. There are numerous jobs that demand long hours of standing such as that of tour guides, hikers, caterers, nurses, doctors, and much more. Such conditions require you to prioritise comfort above all other things. Because healing takes time and you cannot take an off every other day. Moreover, choosing the best footwear is essential to avoid long term agony such as plantar fasciitis, etc.



How to Choose the Right Material for Work Shoes?

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Whether you choose Chinese manufacturer shoes for durability and quality or a locally branded one, what’s important is the material used for making of the office wear shoe. Now, materials shouldn’t be solely chosen on the ‘shoe upper material’ but what matters most is the inner material, the sole material, etc. For example, Exotic skin men’s shoes look stunning but until and unless they are made of quality material and are used for meetings or desk jobs, they are your perfect match. But, when it comes to workers at factories, labs, etc. or employees at hospitals, schools, etc. the long hours of standings need to be catered with a comforting sole.


Let’s analyse all the work shoe materials that will help you make the best decision when choosing your work shoes:


  1. Synthetic Materials:


Synthetic Materials


There are a range of synthetics that are used for manufacturing shoes such as nitrile rubber that is especially used in the making of safety footwear. Such materials are resistant to acids, oils, and punctures compared to regular rubber shoes. Which makes them a great choice for factory workers, laboratory employees, etc.


There is another amazing synthetic material that is polyurethane (PU) that is lightweight, flexible, and comparatively breathable. It is resistant to oils, less concentrated acids or bases and solvents.


Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC) and Polyurethane (PU) materials are quite common shoe manufacturing material. PVC is water, oil, and chemical resistant. PU or double density PU materials used in soles are very durable in terms of handling chemical and oil spills.


Synthetic materials as well as fabrics include a range of materials such as acrylics, latex, Kavlar, spandex, synthetic leather, and much more. Synthetic materials are very lightweight and also waterproof. Why synthetic materials are preferred is because there are a certain range of chemicals added to the fabric that make them wrinkle free, strain resistant, soft, and water-repellent.



  1. Rubber

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Rubber is basically the vulcanized rubber produced from latex. The vulcanization process makes the rubber a resistant and durable material. Rubber Is mostly used in sole of the shoe.


  1. TPU/RPU:

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RPU is a quite a tough yet lightweight material. It is in fact a blend of polyurethane and rubber. While TPU is quite flexible and soft material that suits well for hikers. TPU is very resistant to abrasion and wear and tear, which makes it a popular choice in work shoes. Moreover, it also provides slip resistance.


  1. Leather

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Leather is a very popular and classy choice when it comes to jackets, shoes, belts, etc. Genuine leather is a high-end material that is quite pricey because it requires an intensive refining process. Rather in China, genuine leather is made available in bulk as a raw material to shoe factories which is a huge plus why global grand scale companies hire Chinese manufacturers.


Leather is a superb choice for outdoor and indoor work environments while providing great degree of comfort. However, genuine leather footwear is heavy compared to synthetic material shoes.


Which Shoe Material Is the Best for Work Shoes?

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All in all, the type of shoe material you choose for your work environment depends a lot on the kind of your job. When you need shoes for working through long hours of the day, you can choose genuine leather and synthetic fabric shoes that are easy to clean and provide optimum breathability and comfort. Synthetic fabric is comparatively lightweight and breathable than leather as well.


On the other hand, PU, PVC and other synthetic counterparts are best for work conditions where you are exposed to harmful chemicals, pointy objects, etc. A more durable safety shoe choice would be tough synthetic material that is harder and sturdier than regular rubber shoes. No matter how sturdy the upper is, the inner sole must be comfortable and soft for your feet.


Where to Find Best Shoe Manufacturers?


If you are planning to start a shoe business, China manufacturers are the most reliable and best manufacturers. However, searching for a reliable and trustworthy manufacturer is a task in itself which you must learn. Moreover, finding custom wholesale shoe manufacturers with a low MOQ (minimum order quantity) is an added plus.


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