What does a real leather dress belt look like?

What does a real leather dress belt look like?

A man’s belt is a bit like a woman’s lipstick. It can be so low key that people don’t notice it, or so personal that it becomes the focus of your attention. What does a real leather dress belt look like?

Firstly, what is “low-key and have individual character” formal suit real leather belt?

A formal belt is a belt assembled in a suit. The common traditional styles are: Pin, veal face, sutures, sealing, color is generally black, dark brown, wine red and other traditional colors. Be concise, traditional, rigorous, do not need to have too much pattern, do not need to emphasize distinctive individual character, to be a “quiet handsome man” is all right– this is the view of a lot of people.

And a suit cool mens leather belts with a lot of personality, it might look like this:
Or cool leather belts might look like this:

It might look something like this:

If you want to add a little variety and personality in the traditional, low-key, then the traditional color (black, wine red, dark brown) add polishing process changes may be an option.
With the polishing process to enrich the color change of the cool leather belts:

If you think the color change of brown is too big, the wine red is much more stable:

If not, don’t worry, grey is more low-key .

Secondly, the general characteristics of formal belt

Size of belt body
The width of the belt is generally between 3~3.5cm, cool mens leather belts should not too wide and not too thin, too thin without male masculinity, too wide is a bit of the rough cowboy. You can compare the width of the ruler to feel it. Please note that this is not black, but a grey polishing belt with a touch of blue.

Belt body color

Traditionally, dark brown, dark Burgundy, gray, black, etc. (or some other steady color, as long as it’s low-key enough) are the best colors for formal wear.

Belt buckle style

The buckle of formal outfit belt cannot inlaid huge logo, the following negative example.

Note: the following style is not considered a classic authentic dress belt. It’s called a “plate buckle” belt, and it’s bulky, and often has a big Logo on it (above).

The style of concise pintle is enough traditional formal, accord with classic formal outfit requirement.

Third, what kind of material does the belt have?

Material of belt buckle

The material of buckle of formal outfit belt is better with metal, also brass, red copper, stainless steel, zinc alloy additionally, etc.
The buckle head that makes in zinc alloy holds the great majority on the market, not zinc alloy is particularly good, it is cheap however, melting point is low, easy model, can do all sorts of design. From the cost, zinc alloy is the cheapest, the cost only a few dollars, brass is about 2~10 times, and stainless steel, copper is about 4~20 times. In terms of durability, zinc alloy can be used for several years, stainless steel, copper, brass can be used for decades totally no problem.
Common electroplating processes reveal the color of the substrate itself after wear and corrosion. If it is different from the surface plating color such as copper or gold, it is not good, easy to show old station.
This is not the case with polished stainless steel. Stainless steel material, and the surface has been polished treatment, look and feel, glossiness are better. If you are properly protected, when the belt breaks, you can switch to another belt.

Belt’s shape

Different material quality decorative pattern and processing tanning process is different, the style is different.
1. Pig skin, relatively soft, but with large pores and poor appearance, is not suitable for belt;
2. Although the sheepskin is very soft, it is because of its softness that the loss in making leather belts is large and relatively rare.

It was a sheepskin garment, with a thin, soft leather.

3. Cowhide is the most common leather material, which can be divided into multiple layers. The best quality is undoubtedly the first layer of cowhide.

This leather belt is the first layer of cowhide material, has the natural skin of the grain layer, good elasticity, good touch.

Due to the limitation of photography and display technology, the uneven degree of the actual paint may be more obvious than the photos (otherwise, how can you see the difference with the ordinary leather belt? After all, the color is painted by hand) :

The lower grade is the second layer of skin, because there is no natural texture of the first layer of skin, the surface can only be processed to produce texture, such as embossed, the following is a common embossed litchi. The disadvantage of the second layer of skin is not as tensile strength as the first layer of skin, the surface may not be durable;

And the lowest leather belt is imitation cowhide. In fact, it is PU leather material or other imitation leather practice, with long or damp leather surface is very easy to crack, strength, tensile resistance, life is too bad, just take a photo for example;

Fourth, rare leather, such as crocodile skin, although the grade is higher, but used for belt is too high profile publicity, not recommended for formal wear.

Fourth, the technology of formal belt

Sewing process

Depending on the properties of the leather, the stitching process and the number of stitches will be adjusted. Generally speaking, 6-10 stitches per inch is a common standard. The belt is stitched with 8 stitches per inch.

Edge banding technique

Formal belt is generally used side oil, side oil is a kind of gel-like thing, belongs to the more common sealing edge.

The more advanced ones have beeswax edge sealing. The Hermes belt USES beeswax edge sealing.

There is also a CMC sealing edge, used for a long time may have burrs, generally used for leisure belts or leather bags.


Important point

Hand brush technique

Manual rub color, it is to spray another kind of coating on original skin, pass wipe and polish, let originally curt leather appear rich gradient color.

Beluti, for example, is a brand that features erasure. Below is the color card provided by Berluti. Of course, the more colorful, the more difficult.

The painted leather is really beautiful.

However, despite their beauty, these unconventional colors are still too flashy for everyday wear.
So we made the belts in three traditional, understated shades: wine red, brown and gray.

The three colors look better together for cool mens leather belts.

On the horizontal side of the brush belt, it will present a gradient with an undulating feeling. It’s not a quality problem or uneven coloring.

This belt, can say to be worthy of “low-key and have individual cool leather belts”, surprise?
(well, I know you weren’t surprised…)

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