Quickly Determine The Quality and Price of Leather Shoes

Quickly Determine The Quality and Price of Leather Shoes

Leather shoes, like suits and watches, are easy to see a man’s worth. So, the common people is below the circumstance that does not know brand, how to judge the quality price of a pair of leather shoes quickly? I offer a few quick tips based on my own experience,only for newcomer.

The vamp at first sight, the sole at second sight. If possible, the third eye is to tear open the insoles to see the mid-sole. Of course, there is very little chance that by the third step, the owner will go crazy. Let’s talk about it briefly, and then we’ll talk about it in detail:

First, look at the vamp, then look at the shape.

Last model is particularly good leather shoes, can see at a glance. The moderate last type should need a few more times.

And then the sole of the shoe.

To see the sole of the shoe is mainly by the sole of the seam or other marks to identify the craft. Such as adhesive, inner seam, machine seam and manual seam. These different processes are the biggest source of cost difference and grade difference. In addition, leather shoes with leather soles are no worse. This is the second eye, this article will not be detailed.

Finally, look at the mid-sole of the shoe.

You have to turn out the insoles to see. Because there are some beautification techniques (false hem, false seam), sometimes we will judge the wrong level of workmanship. This is a further attempt to judge the workmanship, this is a bit more complicated.

The first time you look at a shoe, you see a last. 

A good shoe last is easy to distinguish. Last type can be divided into three types:

  1. One that looks advanced at first sight, often with a sense of cut sculpture or flowing lines.

Sculptural or artistic leather shoes. This last type of control and modification requires a high aesthetic, which is not generally selected by fashion and high grade custom brand shoes. Because of lazy to carve optimization, waste cost. Let’s start with two pairs of cuts.

Here are the types that emphasize smooth lines. Although the second pair is actually a square head, it is also rounded.

And a combination of cut sculpture and flowing lines, you feel that?

Actually, it’s more common to see the following, the moderate way. But look a lot and you can see the difference with ordinary leather shoes.

Last type of good leather shoes, often do in the side of the waist treatment. At the same time of fit foot form, built beautiful streamline again.

  1. Last type of moderate leather shoes, just look at the quality,that is not sure, need to refer to leather, technology to judge.

The mean of moderate here is a contrast to the sculptural sense. This last type of leather shoes, the waist will not be so severe, the overall line will not be so sharp. However, because the general brand will do, the mid-end brand will do, to judge its quality, need to obtain more information, that is, to combine the “second eye” or even “third eye”.

Above is British EG and below is British Church’s.

Why can a lot of good brands give this kind of last that tends to be moderate? This last is usually a bit wider and more rounded. For the sake of comfort and low-key considerations, it looks less aggressive than heavy sculpture, which is more acceptable to conservative men.

In rang of moderate last model, this pair below is a bit individual character, straightforward style. Although the top of the shoe is wide, it is not a round box like a last. This kind of last model cooperates with thick base more commonly, wear rise more comfortable.

As a summary of the good last on the top, talk about the common style of different shape toe.

There are three types of toe shapes: round, square and pointed. Round head styles are stable, conservative; Square styles are more elegant, Dandy; Pointy styles of course more fashionable, street. If it is to choose bespoke mens dress shoes, suggest to choose round head and square head style. Pointed shoes are not suitable for formal wear. The small round head is not very different from the middle round head and is the most common style. Tie-in formal attire is very appropriate, contracted sedate. The newcomer chooses small round head or in round head, easy to suit. If you choose square style bespoke mens dress shoes, it is better to choose small square head. More suitable to match suit, elite style and very elegant.

  1. Too mediocre or too exaggerated last type of leather shoes, a glance can see is not expensive.

The shoe last type that sees commonly on the market, have two kinds. The first is too banal, some a little streamline, but only the shape of the shoe, no direction or design. That’s a little abstract, but look at this:

There is a dumb-looking one that is shaped like a box, or “no shape”. This one is easier to find. Most low-end brands have this kind of design.

There is a third kind of exaggeration, the toe “tip”, and, very, very long! The toe of the shoe will come off empty. This last type of leather shoes is a typical low – cost “fashion” leather shoes.

Below this pair of shoes is typical did not close put line feeling, whole show elliptic shape, simple not clever design;

The toe of this pair of shoes is too upturned and pointed.

Below this pair wants to do square head last model, but vamp is flat, without cut surface feeling and design feeling;

The straight lines are too stiff;

The bottom pair don’t have a “waist” at all, and the toe is oddly flat.

Over the years, in the process of making shoes, I noticed a strange phenomenon. Of the three cases mentioned above, last shapes (the first type), which appear to be superior at first sight, are rarely found in low-cost shoes.

A small square head is rather monotonous.

This pair of small round head, compare the fierce air of square head, the modelling of round head inside collect a lot.


These two pairs of shoes, see vamp and last type only, often cause misjudge.

First of all, the last type of original taste comes from the advanced handmade custom brand shoes. Next, the hem is trimmed with stitches (a common accessory in leather shoes). Without looking at the sole, the last is in place and can easily be regarded as a high-class leather shoe with strip-stitching (an advanced handcraft).

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