Master Suede Maintenance Knowledge

Master Suede Maintenance Knowledge

Suede, the perfect texture, But recently there has been news to “awake” everyone again. Let me tell you some Master Suede Maintenance Knowledge.

It is said that infrared cameras caught two small muntjac in a central area of shennongjia national park in May and June this year. One of them is a rare albino muntjac.

Deer are already endangered animal, let alone appear albino state of small muntjac. You can probably tell a lot about how rare it is to be a headline in the news.

So let me just review this, the so called true chamois of great majority on market now. It is to point to commonly by cowhide, pig skin, sheepskin, deerskin wait for common and natural leather makeups to be burnish the leather that rises fleecy state.

True or false depends more on whether the material is natural leather or artificial leather. But you’re not advised to shop. After all, the main thing you like is the feeling of suede and to see the state of grinding.

Of course, it is possible that a small number of manufacturers will use deer skin as a raw material. But then, success or failure all about velvety, the leather that looks so fragile and tender, needs to be protected. Everyone unconsciously has a sense of distance of suede fabric, It can be said that love also hate.

Although we all envy our relationship when we are in love.I have been very apprehensive, for fear that “she” has a little hurt in this relationship. Who knows break up she is more ruthless than anyone, even the head also don’t return! Not even looking back! It’s so hard…

What is our relationship with suede, What can we do to make your relationship last longer. I’ll tell you all about it today.

 Leather profile

First of all, we need to get to know each other in advance so that we can make the right choice.

Chamois is different with general smooth leather. The surface has downy qualitative feeling, resemble to use finger to scrape gently in its surface. The direction that forward wool and reverse wool will make chromatism.

The fragile layer of suede is formed by grinding, which destroys the top layer and exposes the soft skin as seen in the dermis.

It’s actually a lot easier to do with some of the care, no need to wax, ss long as there are anti-fouling and waterproof measures, the frequency of daily cleaning is not so high.

But whether it’s suede, bulbago or suede,. If you want to extend the service life of suede items as much as possible. You still need to master the system and correct maintenance methods

On the other hand, the cow bago, , uses sandpaper to fine polish the top layer of leather directly to create a matte texture. Suede is usually more delicate than suede, soft to the touch, leathery and slightly more protective than suede.

Although the air permeability is better and the texture is unique. But lack of greasy grain surface layer for protection is exactly what makes the leather easier to absorb foreign pollutants and leave stain marks.

and now there are many maintenance methods on the market, we do not have to worry too much

Next, take suede leather shoes as an example, enter conserve link.

● The maintenance steps

Step 1, let the leather “relax”

We can’t treat natural skins as if they were dead, because they need to breathe. They need to be in the same state, especially if you’re new to them and you’re new to them.

When in use, the leather will be subjected to a certain amount of pressure to fit the moving feet, thus maintaining a high “tight” state.

Just like doing fitness exercises that only focus on strength and other improvements, and not stretching in time after completion, a lot of people also neglect this point in maintenance.

Because leather is malleable, the first step in curing is to unfasten the lacing (detach) or buckle. And then put in a suitable size shoe brace/newspaper to fix and smooth the dents. So as to ensure that the leather material is fully “relaxed” and extended, and can be cleaned, nourished and protected in an all-round way.

2. Surface cleaning

Different from the specific cleaning of the general smooth surface, based on the characteristics of the villous surface also need to make corresponding measures. Many brands will launch targeted suede brushes, such as horse mane, brass, nylon and other materials.

After all, leather is porous, we can use a horse hair brush to remove visible dirt and dust, besides leather material surface. Such as seam, edge detail bit had better not ignore also.

But don’t overexert or repeat the same position to avoid secondary damage to fragile suede.

Then use a brass brush to gently rub up and down the nap (especially the bald part, can restore the nap state), further open the gap between the hair and hair, easy to clean hidden in the dirt, and make the hair more smooth.

In case there is a more visible local stain, you can use a suede eraser (raw rubber brush) targeted wipe, after wiping the corresponding part can be used again suede brush to straighten the direction of the nap.

The dirt is picked up by the friction and toughness of the rubber, do not cause damage to leather, color. Especially suitable for short hair avoid wading skin surface.

But make sure the clean surface is dry before use. Keep the rubber surface clean after use. It can still be used after removing a small part that was used last time and stained.

3. Deep cleaning

This step is aimed at seeping into the pores of leather materials such as grease. Which is often difficult to escape using suede cleaner for thorough decontamination (no stubborn stains seeping into the leather can skip step 4).

Before applying special cleaner, we need to wet the whole upper (suede) evenly with not too much water. Then, with a sponge dipped in the right amount of detergent, like the toe, the body, heel and other places have foam cover as far as possible.

Don’t assume that you can just smudge one area and ignore the rest of the area that looks clean.  Because by scrubbing, the stain is likely to have dissolved into the detergent foam and spread around the upper. At this time still only clean local words, there is a chance to remain eyesore water mark.

4. Maintenance ending

Check to see if the upper has faded when dried, if possible. Apply a nourishing cream/spray of the same color as the upper (leather) to the faded areas to restore color and texture.

Before daub remember to try small amount of daub in the place of inconspicuous shoe body first. See whether with the color of vamp leather makings harmony. In case noticeable color difference after application large area.

If the color is not faded, spray directly with waterproof and anti-fouling spray. After all, God’s way is higher than man’s. Dressed carefully will inevitably have a stumble, water droplets that appear to be less can also affect the appearance of the upper and even cause mildew.

So set up a protective barrier in advance, cut off the penetration of skin pores, prevention in advance is the essence of conservation.

The above is for maintenance chamois little experience. Others like to maintain sufficient rest time, space, air circulation and other operations and smooth skin. Hope that you can more easily enjoy suede single product fun modeling.

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