Oxfords or Brogues

Oxfords or Brogues

Everyone has heard of “oxfords,” also named “quarter brogue oxford shoes”, but many people would just call lace-up leather shoes “oxfords,” right?So, Oxfords or Brogues? The oxfords and the oxfords are so confused that some people say “Oxford is better than the oxfords”, but oxford not brogues shoes. In fact, both of them are the same in the beginning. The traditional oxfords are just a “fancy version” of the oxfords.

Oxford shoes are pure in blood. They saw by every formal occasion and become an indispensable part of western society. But the brogue also has a huge following and is a famous shoe in western tradition. So what is the difference between oxfords and brogues?


We know that during the most glorious period of the 17th to 19th centuries, the sun never set on Britain’s empire, which blossomed all over the earth. And its national strength brought its citizens a rich life. The oxfords and brogues were gradually developed under such a background, and the majority of British people could afford to wear these two kinds of shoes originally provide to the aristocratic society, which gradually became the tradition of British society. We can often see them on formal occasions.


Difference between brogues and oxford


Oxford shoes originated in Scotland and Ireland, and Oxford University students loved them. They gradually brought Oxford shoes into the upper class. Gentlemen and nobles like their unique aesthetics, thus establishing their status in the British society. Oxford shoes adopt open-fit flaps design, which can adapt to most foot types, and have numerous beautiful but low-key hollow out design on the shoe body. The design of shoe trees is refreshing, and most of them are handmade, which surprises people.



Brogues also originated in Ireland and Scotland, from the humble fur-laced shoes worn by farmers in the Scottish highlands. With the development of technology and the improvement of people’s wealth, fur lacing shoes joined the traditional carving process design in Scotland. Both sides of the shoes are rich in beauty and gorgeous carving design, and in the toe also has a vent effect of nail hole hollow. So that make it look gorgeous.

By now, you probably know the difference between the two shoes. The distinction of shoe of brock and Oxford depends on the difference of style, shoe of brock has luxuriant adornment.  More and more young people love them, reveal youthful vigor, often use in although formal but atmosphere is active circumstance. And Oxford shoe low-key do not break colorful again however, reveal characteristic in collect inside, often get the love of middle aged gentleman, perhaps come in and out at atmosphere grave and formal occasion.

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