Top handmade men’s shoes

Top handmade men’s shoes

Be fair to your feet


The best relationship between shoes and feet is, When you put them on, you don’t feel them.

Are shoes a luxury or a necessity? It depends on how you look at the relationship between your feet and your shoes.

And the relationship between shoes and feet, the most famous response came in a conversation between Salvatore figueroa and the former queen of Romania. “Are your feet at ease?” asked figamo. “Comfortable? She replied, “my toes are swimming in these shoes. They can’t take that freedom away from me.”

It is worth mentioning that, compared with women’s shoes, do not deliberately pursue the appearance of men’s shoes should pay attention to comfort more. Admittedly, no one has ever denied that a shoe is a business card with your identity and taste written on it; For men, it is often seen as a weapon, let men in the world of unconquerable. As a result, people are more accustomed to shoes as a symbol of a man’s strength, power and dignity.

But when you’re trying to wear a pair of shoes with class and dignity, have you ever asked your feet: have you been all right? This is made up of 26 bones and more than 100 ligaments. An organ that can jump, spin, and withstand the stress of a marathon run for hours, tough and fragile, a blister or a corn can make you suffer.

Away from mechanical footwear, the only solution is to put on a pair of top bespoke mens dress shoes.


No, not mechanically

No pair of feet wants to settle for shoes — as a good shoemaker will tell you, that’s why we need bespoke mens dress shoes.

Therefore, the basic function of a shoemaker is, above all, to understand the bones of the human body.

Our feet are nature’s masterpieces. When you put your feet in a pair of shoes that don’t fit. Shoes resist the natural movement of the foot. The heel will touch the heel of the heel and the toe will touch the top of the shoe. With each step, the impact would pass through the toe and hit the metatarsal joint. Then it passes through the metatarsal bone to the arch of the tarsus, which takes the full impact.

Gradually, the arch of the foot refused to be punished. Naturally, it slowly starts to fall, and the arch of the falling foot in turn affects the big toe. Eventually the big toe is forced to do a tramp on the toe.

Take a closer look at the soles of your feet. Is there a problem with the big toe tilting towards the second toe? Is there a problem with the big toe turning down or a bone protruding from the heel? If one of them is found. So unfortunately. Your feet have buckled under the wrong shoes.




Custom, just don’t want to settle

Although bespoke mens dress shoes often requires a lot of work and meticulous manual work, which makes it expensive. But for those who opt for customization, it’s not about showing off status or wealth, it’s just taste. A pursuit that suits you and has your own personality. Understand this, to understand the meaning of customization. The unique you is the real soul of customization.

What makes a shoe fit? The shoes that accompany you for many years, cannot pass easily of course. A good pair of shoes should be measured, last made, leather selected and styled. After at least two tries and verifications, to become a pair of handmade custom shoes that perfectly match your foot type.

It all starts with the feet. A good pair of shoes can not only protect your feet from being hurt, but also set them free. In fact, feet don’t age if they fit.

People who understand life, is to know how to cherish their feet.


Size – A little bigger is good

For shoe sizes, especially for wearers who already have foot problems. Buy shoes that are larger in size and the arch must be supported. And there’s plenty of room for your toes. If you can’t find a shoe of the right size and fit. Don’t, don’t, don’t buy smaller shoes.


Shoes that fit do not need running in

When choosing shoes that fit, you must walk out of the store in new shoes and feel satisfied. So make sure you feel as comfortable 10 seconds into your new shoes as you do 10 weeks or 10 months later. If the shoe doesn’t fit when you leave the store, it never will. Never.

What makes a man attractive? Is there anything other than beauty to represent? Toes are the best part of a man’s charm. A good pair of shoes makes a good taste. So why do men love shoes?

Leather shoes suggest wearing Oxford lace-ups, the color is dark brown, light color will appear too light, to be careful. The lace-up style can give people a formal feeling in any occasion, suit to bring male glamour, show the sedate beauty of man completely.


People who want to present themselves appropriately to others tend to be fashion-conscious. Whenever and wherever you want to show off and impress everyone, try an innovative style.

From the economic ability can see the taste of anything can not be replaced. The dark color of the wingtip shoes adds to the taste. This kind of shoe as long as the management is good, the sole can be worn for a long time, the key is to choose high-quality leather for handmade pure leather shoes.


There is no better shoe than the loafer to be free of burden and stylish. It has become a must-have fashion item for men. Any occasion is very appropriate, and without any sense of violation, is the biggest charm of loafer shoes.



Why do you need a pair of custom handmade mens shoes

Leather shoes are essential for a mature man. A good pair of custom handmade mens shoes not only makes you more comfortable and confident. And can reflect a man’s life taste, improve your overall temperament. The value is even beyond imagination.


As the saying goes: if a suit doesn’t fit, don’t wear it. Although the leather shoes are not so harsh, but because everyone’s feet are not exactly the same. For example, shoes produced by assembly line only care about size, but ignore the size of the foot and the height of the instep.


According to the research, 50% of men do not know what size of shoes they wear best, and 30% find it difficult to buy shoes they think fit.

For every man has a unique pair of feet, conventional shoes don’t exactly fit every different foot. It can cause damage to the feet, which are often ground. At this point, handmade pure leather shoes is the only source of solution.

And custom handmade mens shoes are customized according to the data of each person’s foot. As the saying goes: the foot knows whether the shoe fits or not.

Custom-made leather shoes are made from precise measurements, just like your foot.

Imagine how the custom-made shoes will fit your feet. So, customizing a pair of shoes that specifically serve your feet is definitely an investment to consider.

At work, in a relatively formal business setting, a man’s leather shoes can tell you a lot. Such as:

Firstly, living standard:

Degree of old and new, texture, brand, etc. If a person’s shoes wear out badly, they are likely to struggle in life, Generally speaking, the financial situation may not be very good.

Secondly, life taste:

The details are more likely to reflect a person’s lifestyle. And these things are more true to one’s taste.

Third, Personality:

In the world of financial investment, most people are familiar with the saying “shoes are the people’s shoes”. If a person is wearing designer shoes and they are a little shabby,

So this type of person is more budget-conscious. They value the return on their investment. And there is particular emphasis on risk ratios.

For no other reason than to dress for a particular occasion. It’s not so much about dressing well, but it’s about respecting yourself and having others respect you.

Why so many successful people care so much about how they dress? In addition to the image of their own points, or to increase their chips, make themselves comfortable in all situations.

Finally: leather shoes are necessary for a mature man. A good pair of handmade pure leather shoes not only makes you more comfortable and confident. And can reflect a man’s life taste, improve your overall temperament. The value is even beyond imagination.

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