How to clean crocodile leather

How to clean crocodile leather

Crocodile leather bag, the symbol of luxury and nobility. Refers to: crocodile skin made of various products. The generalized crocodile leather bag is the crocodile “leather goods”, it refers to the crocodile skin as material processing into a variety of leather products, in addition to leather bags, leather shoes, watchband, mobile phone cover, key chain, card clip and even car seat and so on.




Crocodile skin is extremely rare and precious, known as the platinum in animal leather. The crocodiles that make the bags are usually small, 2- to 3-year-olds. Therefore, the price of real crocodile leather bags must be very high. It is understood that a LV crocodile handbag on the market sells for tens of thousands RMB, Hermes crocodile handbag even sells for more expensive. And ordinary brands often do not have the ability and resources to manage real crocodile bags. Crocodile bags are undoubtedly a luxury item.


True and false identification

Crocodile skin bag, because the value is high, leather material is precious, so there have been businessmen in order to pursue windfall profits imitation crocodile skin. In fact, the real crocodile skin through the visual, tactile aspects or can be relatively easy to distinguish.



The first is hand feeling: 

Don’t assume that just because it feels soft, then it’s a real crocodile. Imitation crocodile made by calfskin also feels soft. But compared to real crocodile skin, it feels firmer. Press it down and you can feel the pattern and the inner texture of the leather are closely combined. And imitation crocodile skin pattern feel will be more loose, press it down can feel the gap between the grain.


The second is stoma: 

Stomata are not the standard for telling crocodile skin apart. Some people think the ones with delicate stoma must be real crocodile skin. But it’s not necessarily crocodile skin that doesn’t have stoma. Real crocodile skin absorbs when exposed to water, leaving dark water marks that later change back. Imitation crocodile skin does not absorb water.


The third is the pattern:

The pattern of crocodile skin is neat and symmetrical, which is not necessarily the superior belly skin. Imitation crocodile skin has a more even pattern. The pattern of real crocodile skin, grain will have subtle changes, the curve is more vivid, the pattern is arranged into the law, or from big to small change, or from deep to shallow change. And imitation crocodile skin pattern, very rigid, no vivid feeling.


Fourth, look at the skin cross section

A deep groove can be seen in the cross section of genuine crocodile skin; Imitation Crocodile skin, on the other hand, has no or shallow grooves.




How to clean crocodile leather

Crocodile skin in the process of production, plus luster, finished product effect bright light, noble and gorgeous; Another is to retain the natural and soft feel of the leather, the finished product has a unique natural posture, comfortable and durable. Crocodile-skin bags are expensive, so daily maintenance must be taken care of.

Pay attention to antifouling.

High – grade sand leather especially to pay attention to. If there are stains on the leather, wipe with a clean wet cotton cloth with a warm detergent, then let it dry naturally. Try it out in an inconspicuous corner before use.

Wrinkle treatment. 

Available iron ironing, temperature can be controlled between 60-70℃. Use a thin cotton cloth as a lining and move the iron around constantly.

Increased brightness.

Can use leather polish polish, do not use leather shoe oil to wipe. Generally a year or two go up – second light, can keep leather soft with burnish, can lengthen service life

Disposal with dirt. 

In case of rain or mildew, use a soft dry cloth to wipe off water stains or mildew. If there is any drink on the leather, immediately suck it up with a clean cloth or sponge, wipe it with a wet cloth and let it dry naturally. Do not dry with a blower; if it is stained with grease, wipe it off with a dry cloth and the rest will dissipate naturally. Or detergent cleaning, but also talcum powder and chalk ash relief. Never scrub with water.


Daily maintenance of crocodile skin accessories

Crocodile skin accessories should be often used to wipe leather maintenance fluid. But it’s best to ask about the cortex first. Then with maintain liquid daub the place such as the bottom of bag or inside not pleasing to the eye, in order to test whether it can apply. Daily carry crocodile bags can not be exposed to the sun, wind and rain. Crocodile skin under the sun, fire roasting, extrusion, overload, rain, etc. More easy to become hard and dark color, the skin off the surface when serious. Daily wipe crocodile bag, must along the direction of the scales to wipe, with a dry cloth dipped in water to wipe. Do not use chemical agent fluid or alcohol to wait daub, lest cause damage to leather.



Real crocodile skin, though expensive, is not a dead end. The friend that economy allows can buy one crocodile skin accessories, can regard as a work of art will proceed with.

Generally speaking, crocodile skin is divided into several grades according to the species of crocodile and the producing area.

The skin of the gulf crocodile is the finest of crocodiles. But because the population is so small, and most are wild. So real crocodile leather is rare. Cestbeau – Siamese crocodile, SSJD – Nile crocodile bay crocodile, Chellante – gulf crocodile.

The Siamese and Nile crocodiles are second only to the gulf crocodile in their leather. The Siamese crocodile in particular, it is one of the most common materials used by some luxury brands to make crocodile bags.

The caiman is one of the lower end of the pecking order, with a rougher texture and texture than other crocodiles. Especially the large bony bony scales on the back of the neck. Is a feature that several other crocodiles lack. On the market some of the work is more rough, asking for a few thousand RMB below the crocodile bags are generally made with the caiman relatively cheap leather.

The real crocodile bags on the market fall into three categories.

First of all

Crocodile bags from luxury brands such as LV and Hermes. These big brands will not cheat on the material and workmanship, they generally use Siamese crocodile or Nile crocodile. Fish skin dyeing and sewing techniques are excellent. The only problem is the price, an ordinary cow leather bag sell for thousands to tens of thousands of RMB, the price of crocodile leather bag can be imagined.



Thailand, Vietnam, which are rich in crocodiles, their local crocodile leather bags. These countries are relatively rich in crocodile resources, coupled with a large number of foreign tourists, so they have developed crocodile leather bags and other series of products. You don’t have to worry about buying fakes in these countries – the real thing is cheap. A man’s handbag will not exceed a few thousand RMB, usually within a few hundred RMB. The main reason is that the local production technology is not good, the leather bag color, glue, broken line problem is serious, good high-grade material to make it into inferior goods.



A few common brand crocodile skin bag products. LV, Hermes bags sell expensive, a large part of its brand added value. Two thousand RMB for a bag, maybe 2/3 for its brand. The product of common brand does not have what brand added value, the price is more reasonable, but whether to find the true goods with excellent quality, will test the eye of the customer. After all, Asia is the region with the strongest leather industry. Some of them are shoddy and even use cow skin to make imitation crocodile skin. The technology is so brilliant that people are amazed by it.


Now, you know How to clean crocodile leather? Of course, you can do these simple maintenance by yourself. However, for broken crocodile leather, scratches or damage to hardware such as these problems need professional maintenance. Although leather goods are good-looking and durable. But if we can do a good job in daily maintenance and maintenance more can show its superiority, always keep the best state foil our quality of life.

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