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Alligator skin is the gold in leather, known for its top luxury and rarity. This is not only because alligator are so rare, but also because they grow so slowly and are so expensive to breed. The only part that can be used is on the long and narrow section of the alligator’s abdomen. It’s not elastic, but it’s very firm.

There’s a saying that alligator leather, if properly maintained, will get shinier and more pliable the more you use it. So alligator shoes became the darling of numerous stars of course.

Each alligator shoes wholesale, no matter the pattern or texture, are different. Only experienced alligator leather makers cut out each unique pattern of alligator skin. After dozens of processes, dozens of hours of meticulous hand-sewing, in order to achieve a perfect fit between the design and alligator leather.

We can customized your alligator shoes and also do wholesale for you same as wholesale alligator shoes manufacturers.

Marcusius alligator shoes including mens alligator shoes, alligator dress shoes, womens alligator shoes, alligator tennis shoes, alligator driving shoes, alligator shoes with eyes, alligator golf shoes, alligator shoes with head, white alligator shoes, black alligator shoes, blue alligator shoes, green alligator shoes, red alligator shoes etc.

Marcusius is a factory manufacturers of alligator shoes and wholesale alligator shoes manufacturers. Our factory focus on the high performance shoes making. We are passionate for making quality and stylish alligator shoes to give our customers an outstanding experience. We have more than 200 styles alligator shoes in our database. The MOQ of alligator style is just 3 pairs and wholesale alligator shoes manufacturers. If you want to custom best alligator shoes, please contact us now!!!

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