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We have the most exotic, trendy purple genuine leather bags and shoes collection made from real python, crocodile, alligator, and lizard skin. Offering wholesale rates on bulk order.

Purple is a color of grace, mystery and luxury. Men and women from upper class prefer to go for magenta purple shades in their attires. With its royal feel, purple is enigmatic enough to catch the onlooker’s gaze and bring in compliments. How about selling purple exotic leather handmade alligator shoes, python shoes, crocodile shoes or ostrich shoes? Here, be clear that you don’t invest in synthetic or low quality leather because that wouldn’t attract customers from upper class. If you really want to take your brand to another level, you must invest in genuine exotic skin leather shoes for men and women.

Why genuine leather is the best choice? Men and women prefer to invest in premium quality authentic leather products because they do not crease, break, or peel. Rather the real animal skin leather is very flexible and breathable and it ages beautifully through the years.

Local factories mostly import exotic skin leather leading to an increased manufacturing cost of shoes. While china shoe factories source their raw materials from within China. They have an affordable labor that leads to low manufacturing costs of the exotic leather shoes.

Marcusius Has An Amazing Collection of Exotic Leather Purple Shoes

If you truly want to give your customer an exotic and luxury feel on their first try on, you must invest in our affordable real exotic leather shoes for men and women. Our collection of purple alligator leather shoes, purple real ostrich leather shoes, purple python pattern shoes, and purple crocodile print shoes are worth a sight to behold. Check them out here.

Ranging from the royal purple shade to lavender purple dyed on authentic exotic skin leather is truly amazing. Marcusius is a custom exotic shoe manufacturer for women and men offering the sellers to customize the color, size, and design to their own brand preferences. We are also private label exotic leather goods manufacturers to do brand labeling on any of your preferred shoe from our catalogue.

By doing a business partnership with Marcusius, you can have multiple benefits:

  • Our leather is humanely produced
  • Leather is genuine and premium quality
  • The exotic leather shoes are comfortable and breathable
  • Over time, the authentic leather ages beautifully instead of creasing or peeling.
  • We offer customization and private labeling of formal and casual wear collections

What We Have At Marcusius?

We have a unique range of purple leather shoes including:

  • Soft leather men’s tassel loafers
  • Stylish Crocodile slippers
  • Moreschi ostrich shoes
  • Exotic handmade derby shoes
  • Crocodile pattern slip on sneakers
  • Croc texture penny loafers
  • Contemporary ankle boots
  • Croc Chelsea boots
  • Alligator monk straps
  • Ostrich skin dress shoes

Get in touch now to inquire about the prices, design customization and private labeling. We will get back to you as fast as possible.

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