4 Reasons Why Chinese Shoe Manufacturers Are Affordable for StartUps?

4 Reasons Why Chinese Shoe Manufacturers Are Affordable for StartUps?

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Between 1992-2002, Chinese incentives attractive companies from the global marketplace for investments.

By 2016, when Chinese improved their technology and machinery to build competitive products in the market, the minor price hikes reduced the foreign investments.

Yet, during its golden period, Chinese shoe manufacturers have backed up Nike, Adidas, and many more American top shoe brands.

Recently, China shoe company Anta announced to buy Finnish tennis player Amer to compete Nike and Adidas locally. Anta sports goods stand 3rd top shoe brands after Nike and Adidas in China.

Even today, millions of startups look for Chinese shoe manufacturer rather than Vietnam or India for affordability and expertise of the manufactures.

To date, China is the world’s leading producer of plastic and rubber footwear( 60.8% global market share), textile footwear (37.5% global market share), waterproof footwear (46% global market share), and leather footwear (18.3% market share).

If you are planning on a Sneaker/Sports shoe startup and want to find a China shoe manufacturer, contact us and read on why it’s the cheapest option for your initial years:

Why Chinese Manufacturer So Cheap?

The cost of production depends of various factors:

  • The cost of raw materials
  • The cost of labour
  • The cost of maintenance of machinery
  • The cost of shipping and taxes

Apart from the costs, Chinese manufacturers have heavy machinery locally made to product any types of goods.

If you are unsure of whether ‘Made in China’ means bad quality, the answer is Chinese manufacturers have evolved through the years which is why the production costs have increased over time.

Reasons Why StartUps Should Choose Chinese Shoe Manufacturers?

Undoubtedly, affordability is the top reason when we talk about investments in China shoe factory. US factories find China as an asset in order to reduce manufacturing cost for their products.

1. Low Production Cost:

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Although the cost of manufacturing domestically is quite competitive when the factors of duties and shipping are considered. Yet, it’s still cheaper for shoe manufacturing for a variety of reasons.

Not only the machinery and raw materials are locally produced, but the billions of unemployed Chinese make up the labor for factories.

Guangzhou is the hub of China shoe factories and leather factories are also established there for provision of raw materials. Be it synthetic leather shoes, crocodile skin shoes, alligator skin shoes, China shoe manufacturer by Marcusius and many other factories backup startups in affordable ways.

Moreover, the low production cost allows startups to set a low sale price for customers to build trust on new shoe brands. Having a high production cost and spending millions of bucks on marketing campaign isn’t a practical risk for new small businesses.

Ultimately, a low production cost is beneficial for your own good.

2. Excellent Service:

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Many startups testify the excellent customer service of Chinese manufacturers compared to local manufacturers. For small shoe businesses, consulting the industry experts like Chinese manufacturers who have evolved their machinery and technology is most reliable and feasible option.

Most China shoe manufacturers are willing to support your small companies and accommodate your custom shoe designs. They even manage the production costs within your price quotes (by obviously comprising on quality material—but with your agreement). Many China shoe factories have low minimum requirement to help you build trust—because preparing shoe prototypes is very expensive.

Many US factories have taken a shift towards domestic manufacturers claiming that Chinese labor aren’t paid well enough. But, the truth is they are far better paid than labor working in factories in India and Vietnam. The slight increase in production costs is due to better labor pay rates as well.

3. Quick Turn Around and Higher Production Capacity:

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Shoe manufacturing companies in China can accommodate bulk orders very easily. Due to Chinese sense of commitment to work and dedication, they produce your bulk orders in time.

Consult with shoe manufacturing industry experts and all they’d assure you of excellent production capacity of China factories. Oftentimes, the local US manufacturers fail to produce goods in time and in bulk quantity compared to what Chinese expert manufacturers.

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4. Superb Duplication and Quality:

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In a world of mass production and digital boom, no matter how many outlets you may open, there is a scope to sell out every last bit of it. All the effort you need to put into is the design and quality maintenance. Both these factors are check marked when it comes to working with Chinese manufacturers.

The shoe factories in China Guangzhou have the machinery and the experience with US shoe companies to manufacture exactly what you need. Custom shoe manufacturers and private label shoe manufacturers can produce excellent duplicates for startups/wholesale businesses as well as premium shoes for your new shoe brands.

Sneakers and sports shoes are popular hot-selling shoes globally; while China wholesale shoe suppliers can design and product what you need to absolute perfection.

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How to Find a Reliable China Shoe Manufacturer?

Finding a Chinese wholesale shoe manufacturer is easier especially via platforms like Aliexpress, and more. However, the fact that they specialize in leather, sneaker, sport’s shoes manufacturing needs to be considered. Due to welcoming and great customer service, China factories in Guangzhou are easy to approach and communicate with. Before starting a long-term business, always ask for prototypes of shoes and ask the China manufacturers if they allow factory visits and inspections. Usually, the reliable China factory owners will be glad to satisfy you and build a relationship of trust.

Who We Are?

Before you start browsing for China shoe brands, let us introduce ourselves to you. We are China shoe manufacturers who specialize in manufacturing custom, private label, and wholesale men’s shoes from sneakers to exotic skin shoes to sandals in bulk. We have a very low MOQ to support small shoe business and encourage startups to build their value in the market. We also have linked shoe industries that specialize in women shoe manufacturing. Visit our site and get in touch for further details.

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