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Why do we need shoes? Why do we wear shoes? Why are shoes so important? How does it affect us? There are many such questions about shoes that we ask ourselves how such a simple product like shoes which we wear on our feet can have so many impacts on us? Through this China Shoe Manufacturer website, you will many of the answers to your questions. Explore this shoe manufacturer website and you will get a variety of shoes for yourself and for your family members.

Why are shoes so important to us? Well, the show industry is one of the largest industries in the whole world. And also when we wear shoes, we look attractive and also wearing shoes enhance our personality. But one drawback of shoe manufacturer industry is it emits lots of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere.

Different Types of Shoes Available at China Shoe Manufacturer

Shoes have been very important in every century. The top quality leather has great importance in the manufacturing of shoes. In fact, shoe manufacturing and construction process haven’t changed much in the last few decades. All types of shoe manufacturing still require traditional principles and methods such as Goodyear welting etc. Today we will tell you some of the famous types of shoes in the shoe industry.

Oxford Shoes

These type of shoes are basically originated from Ireland and Scotland, Oxford shoes are ranked at the top among the formal footwear. These shoes are commonly made of leather. Classic Oxford style shoes typically feature Blake-stitched or Goodyear welled shoes. But oxford shoes have evolved greatly in the recent few years.

Derby Shoes

These shoes are very similar to oxford shoes, but these shoes have an open lacing system. Also, open lace flaps are not conjoined at the bottom, which creates a slight gap between the flaps.

Slip-on Shoes

You can put on these shoes very easily and they don’t involve lacing or buckling. These types f shoes come in the form of loafers, mocassins, and boat shoes. Boat shoes are very comfortable to wear and they are sailing-inspired shoes. While loafers are more of a formal version of boat shoes.

Monk Straps

This type of shoe is moderately a dressy shoe. This shoe has typically one or more brand straps that usually closes over the instep and fasten externally with a buckle. You can easily make a custom shoe of the monk shoe, you can choose monk shoe by type, size, and the positioning of the buckle.

So these were some of the very famous shoes used by most of the people in the world and these shoes are available here at and we have much more other variety of shoes as well.

Why should I Purchase Shoe from CHINASHOEMANUFACTURER?

The major reason that you should buy from us is that the rates here in are very much affordable and the stuff we use in our shoes is quite good. However some of the other big factors that can attract you are.

  1. All the shoes that are listed with their display pictures truly match the original pictures. We believe in providing our customers with 100% original productand we also do make sure customers that the stuff you have seen online will be the stuff you get.
  2. We have got an array of suppliers which means wherever you are, and it’s most likely that well reach you and provide you with our extra-ordinary shoes.

Some Famous Shoes Available at China Shoe Manufacturer

We have a wide range of shoes available here at a shoe manufacturer. Some of the very famous shoes that we are selling are listed below.

  • Children’s Shoes
  • Infant and Toddler Shoes
  • Women’s Shoes
    • Athletic
    • Boots
    • Fashion Sneakers
    • Flats
    • Outdoor Shoes
    • Pumps
    • Sandals
  • Men’s Shoes
    • Boots
    • Athletic
    • Oxfords
    • Outdoor Shoes
    • Loafers and Slip-Ons
    • Fashion Sneakers
    • Sandals

Buy Whole Sale Shoes From China Shoe Manufacturer

We also provide whole shoes in cheap at shoe manufacturers in bulk quantity. So you can buy from us at wholesale prices. So now I will discuss some pros and cons of wholesale shoes, So let’s get started


  • Buying shoes in wholesale can be really a cheap way to get you good profit margins.
  • One can buy and store the inventory so that one has the liberty to choose how it should be packaged and sent.
  • One can keep the data of it that when he need to rebuy or restock.


  • Packaging and sending the items can be troublesome.
  • One should have a space to keep the stock.
  • What if she doesn’t sell? It can be a complete loss,

Some Professional tips by China Shoe Manufacturer

  • Start your business with a small investment.
  • Slowly and gradually increase your business.
  • First, check some of the samples before large investments.
  • If the company has some minimum order quantity (MOQ), contact them and ask for a smaller order as a sample.
  • One should be careful with the payment method. The payment method should be authentic and reliable.
  • Create a professional social account like email address etc. Don’t give anyone your private contacts.

Custom Shoes Manufacturer Process

The whole procedure of custom shoe manufacturer is as follows

  1. First, you have to provide some sot of pictures, drawings, or samples of your desired shoes and you also have to inform the quantity, delivery date, size, and other requirements.
  2. Then the factory will confirm your delivery date logistics method, the quantity, invoice, and priced according to the customer’s requirements.
  3. Then the customer has to pay in advance. When our manufacturing work is completed and the customer confirms the first finished product, then our factory will arrange the mass production.
  4. At last when our factory completes the production according to their customer’s requirements. Then our factory informs the customer to inspect the goods or inspect the goods through videos or pictures.
  5. After the inspection of shoe manufacturing is done, then the customer pays the final payment and our factory arranges the delivery for the customers. So, your custom sandal is ready to wear.


We have shoes for you in quite a wide-range. China Shoe Manufacturer is always available for you, you can order us at any time. We can make custom shoes for you. If you want to know more about our products and services than you can visit our website you like our products and shoes then you can place your order directly! We’ll be very glad to work with you and we’ll be honored to deliver our shoes.

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