Customize your own loafers

Customize your own loafers

Some people say that a man without a suit or can’t wear a suit is not an adult, only called a boy. I thought about it. It seems like that. What do you think?



If you haven’t worn a suit, or don’t like suits, and want to prove you’ve matured into a stable, responsible man (or so it seems), suggest a pair of leather shoes, the first choice for starters: customize your own loafers.



Because loafers belong to lazy shoes, one foot can push in, easy to wear off. And lots of designs and material, of course, the type and style of clothes you can match with personalised loafers are also essential.



Loafers uppers, divided into genuine leather, leather, suede, suede and other fabrics; Loafers common style, there are ears of wheat, tassel, buckle…… The colors and designs are more varied, personalised loafers more and more flowery.



Genuine leather loafers shoes’s collocation

We roughly divide genuine leather loafers shoes into two categories. One is partial formal dress style, one is partial casual style. How to match the loafers with formal style? Take a look at the following hipster blogger’s example: put on a suit or take off, it’s all the same elegance.



Suit + pants + shirt (or T-shirt), young people can wear a pair of boat socks, showing the ankle is very sexy, but also breathable, showing vitality. Put on a suit or take off, personalised loafers all equally elegant and decent.


Old uncle people and the gentle man that want composed style, just wear a pair of socks, we suggest the color of socks and shoe is consistent or close, genuine leather loafers shoes in Dubai seems to like this, also suit low-key some collocation more.




After the formal dress style , we come to the recreational collocation of tide people. Choose customize your own loafers style can be more stylish, and wear stockings or boat socks shows casual. However, these seasons wearing long tube to appear more fashion!



In recreational collocation, the commonest pants outfit is jeans.



For slimming slacks, or slacks, you can pull up the legs for a sexy look, or opt for a nine-length pant.



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