Important note: Wearing travel shoes too often can cause flat feet

Important note: Wearing travel shoes too often can cause flat feet

The arch of the foot is an important structure of the human foot. Having an arch makes the foot elastic. Can absorb ground to face the impact force of the foot, can lock again in sufficient joint, make the foot becomes hard, push human body activity better. Flat foot also known as flat foot disease, refers to the arch of the foot low flat or disappeared, suffered from foot eversion, standing, walking when the arch collapse, cause foot pain of a deformity. Many people with flat feet, especially children, have no symptoms and do not need treatment. Only a small percentage of children with flat feet may gradually cause changes in overall body posture. Some of the flat feet may be associated with abnormal foot bone structure, such as the vertical talus and tarsal joint.

In the adult flat foot, more women over 50 years old. When an adult flat foot first appears, the arch of the foot exists in a non-weight-bearing state and disappears after weight-bearing. At this point because of the activity of the joint still exists, known as the reversible flat foot or flexible flat foot.

If appear joint pathological changes, activity is restricted, deformity cannot be reduced, call stiff sex flat foot.

A healthy body is the basis for each of us to live, work and study better. Health requires an optimistic and cheerful attitude towards life, and health also comes from our good living habits every day. Ever since man came down from the trees and became an upright animal. Our feet have borne the burden of our world. Because of this, foot – related diseases have been attracting much attention. 


Of all the diseases, the flat foot is a special one. Call it a disease, it’s not like a wound like a tear to make people unable to move. But regardless of it, it is really hard. So what’s the problem with flat feet? Is it because our bodies are so heavy that they flatten our feet? There’s also a saying that the shoes don’t fit. Is that right?


In adults, flat feet are caused by obesity, which crushes the arch of the foot. In addition, improper shoes can also lead to flat feet. It is true that travel shoes have the greatest effect on the arch of the foot.

Anatomically, our feet are made up of many bones, muscles and ligaments. Among the parts, the tarsals and metatarsals, as well as the joints, ligaments and tendons of the foot, form an arch structure called the arch of the foot. When we’re standing, the arch of the foot protects the nerves and blood vessels in the sole of the foot from pressure from our weight.

At the same time, it can also reduce the impact force of the ground facing the body in sports, and protect the internal organs and brain from shock. Because of this, the arch of the foot is also known as the “natural shock absorber”. For a normal person, the shape of the arch of the foot is, as its name suggests, arched. But some people, because of genetics, diseases, etc., lose their arch shape and become flat and flat. This is the group of people we call flatfoot.

Malleable flat foot and rigid flat foot

Depending on the shape, etiology, and development of the arch. The medical profession divides flat foot into malleable flat foot (physiologic flat foot) and rigid flat foot (pathologic flat foot). The malleable flat foot is when you’re standing. The weight causes the arch to collapse or disappear. When there was no weight load, such as lying down, the arch of the foot bent normally. Rigid flat feet show that the arch of the foot collapses or disappears with body weight or not. About the causes of flat feet, partly because of innate development. Others, mostly in children, are cause from soft tissue strain in the soles of the feet or lack of exercise in the feet. Resulting in the underdevelopment of muscle and tendon forces resulting in the deformity of the metatarsals, scaphoids, and wedges and their mutual positions.

In adults, there are two possible causes. 

One is obesity, overweight, crushing the arch of the foot. In addition, improper shoes can also lead to flat feet, of which own sneaker shoe have the greatest impact on the arch. Travel shoe designed for sport can easily cause severe foot fatigue if worn too much at ordinary times, resulting in flat feet. First is the design of last. In order to facilitate exercise and long-term walking. When you make a shoe last, the front part is higher. The soles of your feet will sag and you will feel tired over time. And the ball of the foot is the front fulcrum of the arch of the foot, so fatigue damage to the ball of the foot has to cause arch damage, this slowly forms a flat foot. 

Next is the material of sole. Travel shoe are designed for sports. So outsole (travel sole) with material will be harder. This is for people to be able to rub against the ground during a long walk to produce good reaction force. But in everyday life, such hard soles can make us feel tired. Severe foot fatigue can also damage the arch of the foot and cause it to form flat feet.

The effect of flat feet on us is most direct in the way we walk.  In addition, it can cause a variety of chronic diseases. For example, pain in multiple organs throughout the body, fasciitis of the sole of the foot, Achilles tendinitis, patella tendinitis, hip tendinitis and other inflammation.

So how do we check for flat feet?

The simplest method is footprinting, in which subjects dip their bare feet in water and step on dry ground. First, if the watermark is broken between the front and rear feet, it is a high arch. Secondly, if there is a connection but it does not exceed the middle toe of the foot, it is a normal arch. Third, if the connection has exceeded the middle toe connection, it is flat foot. Fourth, if the front and rear footprints are connected and almost the same width, it is a higher level than flat foot. 

In addition, there are a variety of simple methods such as proportion method, line method, running sound judgment method. But these methods require the accumulation of experience and judgment, and are not scientific enough. If you want to be scientific, magnetic resonance imaging, developed by professor houman et al., of Beijing normal university, is one of the most authoritative,They had their feet scanned on the sagittal axis, from heel to toe. Accurately reproduce the main structure and form of the foot. In addition to the flat foot, it can also detect malformed foot and other lesions.


Flat feet are associated with travel shoe

Experts explain: Puberty is a period of high incidence of flat feet. Because teenagers are growing in height and weight. But the development of muscles, especially the small ones in the foot, often lags by one to two years. Therefore, the increase of arch load and the growth of the body often have a phase of incompatibility. If you are overburdened or stand for too long, the balance between weight and the strength of the muscles that maintain the arch of the foot can be lost, causing the arch to collapse. Flat feet are not only related to genetics, standing for long periods of time, running and jumping, but also related to the shoes you wear, especially own sneaker, so we can see the importance of custom sneaker maker.


Travel shoes are best worn every other day

Poor air permeability is a common problem in sports shoes. The insole inside sports shoes is usually made of soft and elastic plastic, sponge, etc. This can play a certain cushioning effect on the movement, waterproof performance is also better. But the wet – absorbing performance of the shoe is not good.

Wear athletic shoe for a long time, the damp heat inside shoe can stimulate the skin of foot ministry, make its bubble white or aglow, calorific, desquamate, get podiatric disease easily.

Due to the increased humidity and temperature in the sneakers, the ligaments on the soles of the feet will become looser and longer, and the balls of the feet will gradually become wider, which is not enough to support the arch of the foot. For a long time, also be the reason that causes flat foot.

Expert advice: middle school students should change socks in time after sports classes, keep dry feet without sweat. Parents should prepare two pairs of good quality sneaker brands sneakers for their children and change them every other day. Custom sneaker maker should be a good choice. Because of the sweat of the sneakers due to the upper, permeability is not good and not easy to dry. If the shoe insoles are soft, you can replace them with leather or cloth cushions to improve air permeability.

Don’t buy sneakers for a bargain

Experts suggest: If possible, parents should always choose good quality sneakers or good quality sneaker brands or custom sneaker maker for their children. Such as leather, well-designed brand shoes, good quality sneaker brands or custom sneaker maker. It is better to have a pair of leather shoes and cloth shoes. Because the breathable performance and sole design of leather shoes are reasonable. Leather shoes can be worn when not exercising, cloth shoes can be worn at home, and sports shoes had better be worn only when exercising.


Strengthening your foot muscles in your daily routine is the most important way to prevent flat feet. Such as walking barefoot on the soft ground of your home, such as carpet or wood floors, sand or grass. When walking, try to make the outer edge of the foot touch the ground, and make the toes bend. Try to stand on toes or with your back arched; Roll the bucket with the sole of the foot. Bouncing a ball with the back of your foot, or catching marbles with your toes. All this can exercise sufficient ministry muscle, prevent flatfoot occurrence.


Of course, if you have flat feet, don’t be too nervous. This can be treated. Like conservative treatment, can change appropriate shoe, cooperate with all sorts of foot orthopedic implement, insole and appropriate physical exercise, alleviate muscle fatigue, although conservative treatment is slow, but treat both symptoms and root causes. Those who like immediate results can treat with surgery. For example, flexor digitularis tendon transfer surgery, calcaneal osteotomy, lengthening of the lateral column, arthrodesis and so on.

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