What kind of shoes do you wear to look gentleman

What kind of shoes do you wear to look gentleman

From lean to extreme, no matter how many shoes you like to collect, at least have a pair of gentleman shoes. Because the shoe is the test representative to see a man’s achievement, credibility, social background, education, so the choice of shoes match and maintain is the particularly key!



A man who can put on a good pair of gentleman’s shoes is exciting. As for matching examples, we have already shown you:

#Common styles and combinations of gentleman’s leather shoes#

1 Oxford shoes

It’s more serious

Oxford shoes, with closed lapels (lapels are the two pieces of leather that wear the LACES), when the LACES are tied, they completely cover the tongue. Give formal and solemn feeling to others.

Oxford shoes are adequate for any formal occasion. Even in very serious situations. It doesn’t matter if you’re going to an interview or a big business deal, it feels appropriate. So this is a gentleman’s shoes, can accompany you on the road to success.



Many people confuse with oxfords, derbies, brogues and even other shoe styles. But oxford not brogues shoes. One thing to keep in mind is that the bodice lacing is enclosed.



Why do Oxford shoes give you more gravitas? See the hipster demonstration, it is usually worn with a suit.



So, pay special attention to some details, such as the texture of accessories, clothing tone coordination.


2 The Derby shoes

A little more elegant

Derby shoes, on the other hand, have an open lapel lace-up design (an open tongue, which is the same piece of leather as the toe and is not completely covered by a lace-up lapel, as we typically see in lace-up sneakers or long and short boots).



Derby shoes are more suitable for wider feet, but also for leisure. Today, as long as you wear relaxed, elegant and simple route, you can choose Derby shoes.



Derbies are also the best way to wear them with a suit. But need not be too restrained. You can match a little bit younger and youthful, try new colour and deserve to act the role of more. For example the tie of design and color, the pocket towel of wave dot, the bowtie of plaid grain…


3 Brogues

It’s more elegant

And brock shoes, which Lina considers a craft. It has a delicate floral nail design on its toe and graceful flanks. Any type of shoe can be carved flowers, please do not see carved flowers called Oxford shoes.



Today, the rich design of carved shoes can be applied to the office dress of urban professional men in suits and shoes. It can also be paired with a casual look for the weekend. Everything goes beyond imagination.



Brogue shoes will be more casual than the above two shoes. Like wearing a casual shirt, or unbuttoning a shirt. But these are casual collocation and detail, must make sure your modelling enough “gentleman”!



One more example, you can also pull up the bottom of the trousers to reveal your carefully matched socks.



4 Loafers

The collocation is a little more casual

Personalised loafers are flat or low-rise shoes without LACES that are easy to slip in or out of. Slip-ons, which originated in Norway, can be casual sailing shoes or leather shoes with a suit. The best known are Tod’s beanbags and Gucci’s loafers.


Because the loafers are in line with the casual needs, the design changes are also relatively large. As a semi-formal gentleman style, it can be used as an alternative to formal leather shoes. If you’re more casual, you can’t do without this pair. It is easy and convenient to dress for leisure activities or travel.



Loafers are more casual than these three styles. Pair it with any formal or casual outfit, such as a denim shirt, jeans, pajamas, leather jacket…




It’s very fashionable to show your ankles. But it’s still good to wear a pair of socks on a cold day, and also very tasteful (the proposal suggestion is legging, show a section of socks intentionally). For the first time, choose socks that match the color of your shoes or pants.



5 Monks

The look can be more relaxed

What’s monk definition? Monk shoes are also called “mengke shoes”. The shoes have a horizontal strap with a metal clasp across the foot. And pressure attached to the tongue of the shoe, It’s relatively easy to recognize.




Very fashionable and young style, is the main trend of gentleman shoes, loved by gentlemen. In the summer with nine point trousers show casual but not  informal temperament. Autumn and winter days show colorful socks lively layers. Loosen the buckle around the ankle. You can wear it with a suit, you can wear it with jeans. Will you miss the borderless style?



Compared with Oxford shoes and Derby shoes with suits, monk shoes are more popular among young people. I love the blue suit with the brown monk shoes.



Especially like the all black look, even if it’s paired with jeans(Black, dark blue is recommended). No more cool with black monk shoes!



#Choose according to color and material#

The most common is black shoes in the office. It doesn’t matter if you wear black trousers, pastel coloured trousers or grey checked trousers, black shoes always go right.

As a basic part of men’s fashion, every man should prepare a pair of black shoes.

But although the black shoes are good, they can not be worn every day. Fashionable collocation depends on new idea.



The first color that comes to mind is brown. The exposure rate is also quite high in the office shoe style. Brown looks brighter and warmer than black, close to the texture of the earth, can also highlight men’s sedate side. Brown includes yellow, red and dark brown. It is also a versatile style.



You can also choose the color of your shoes based on the color of your suit or blazer, which is the main color of your outfit. Monochromatic styles are also popular. Dark blue suits can be navy blue. Khaki suits are available in light brown. For a neutral coat, choose a lighter mustard yellow.

Material is also a factor worth considering in the style of suit shoes. Leather shoes are usually stiff. It’s easy to get uncomfortable after wearing it for a long time.This is a good time to consider soft leather styles. Or a gentlemanly suede to free your feet from bondage.


#Leather shoes maintenance#



The first thing you do is take care of your shoes. Usually, new shoes are not polished. So before wearing must besmear protect shoe polish first, polish, spray on waterproof fog.

Shoe brushes are best used with horse hair and should have at least two shoe brushes. One big brush shoe whole, the other small brush details. Shoe polish should cooperate with shoe color. Then your shoes will not look old.



To protect the shoes from distortion, when putting on your shoes, loosen the LACES or fasteners first. Don’t be lazy.

No matter how much you like shoes, you can’t wear them every day. Let your beloved shoes have enough rest. When you’re not wearing them, put them in your last. That’s what keeps it strong.



If your shoes get wet in the rain. Firstly, use good absorbent cloth to absorb the water on the surface of the shoes, slightly press. Secondly, put newspaper or toilet paper in your shoes and replace them. To drain the water completely, (don’t blow dry) and put it on a shoe tree to keep it from deforming. Dry in a ventilated place. When completely dry, follow the general maintenance method.


#High cost-effective gentleman shoes recommended #



Marni men’s shoes

Mosaic design, very fashionable young design.



GEOX spring/summer 2018 collection


GEOX, whose new technological innovation is “breathable, sweaty, cold-proof and waterproof”. It solves the problem of the rubber and plastic soles are waterproof and impermeable, and the leather soles are breathable and not waterproof. Let your feet “breathe” and stay dry. Instead of the “suffocating” sensation of wet feet wrapped in plastic bags. No longer has a bad smell, thus avoiding foot odor and other related problems.



Suitsupply brown tassel loafers

This brown suede loafer is the perfect blend of sophistication and leisure. Made from the finest Italian calfskin. Soft suede treatment With leather soles and flexible black stitching, the tassels add to the charm.



Berluti Allegoria Demesure leather Oxford shoes

Made in Italy, hide shoelaces. The elastic is sewn between the upper and the inside of the shoe, easy to wear and easy to take off. The soles have smooth edges.



Base London monk shoes

Base London is also a relatively small shoe brand in China. Designed by a British designer, produced in Italy. Favored by a group of young people with attitude.



Amedeo Testoni

Oxford lace-up shoes sand-colored calfskin suede. The slightly pointed shape is embellished by a pinhole design. And bull-puncher color lining detail cowhide adds the feeling.



Jimmy Choo

The darling of Jimmy Choo and the Hollywood heiresses. The legend of British women’s shoe manufacturing industry! Make sure you have a pair if you can.



Russell & Bromley

It is also a famous British shoe brand. Always known for its exquisite workmanship. Each shoe has a basic no-frills simplicity. The design enhances the noble feeling, the perfect shape, it uses mature color to draw all eyeball ruthlessly..



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