How about order shoes from china

How about order shoes from china

Every year, China, the “factory of the world,” continues to send goods to the world. One of the most representative is shoes. A very striking statistic is –China already produces more than 10 billion pairs of shoes a year, accounting for nearly 70 percent of the world’s total. However, according to foreign media reports, a number of world-renowned shoe companies have left China. Their shoes have changed from made in China to made in Vietnam!


So, is a good place to order shoes from china? Yes, it is! But you have to be careful. I’m not talking about personal safety. No, I mean, in all business transactions, who is your real partner? Brokers, agents, silent partners and trading houses abound in China. It may be a challenge to get to know the actual factory owner, but it’s well worth the effort. Large shoe companies buy directly, and established a long-term relationship with the shoe factory.



Can I buy high quality products from China?


Yes, you can! Nike, adidas, puma, Vance and Under Armor all source high-quality order shoes from china. Is it easy? Not at all. It requires constant effort and constant inspection to maintain quality. Not because factories want to rip you off or cut corners, but because these brands need high volumes, low prices and high efficiency. In my experience, most quality problems are not intentional fraud and are more likely to be human factors, unintended consequences or unintended mistakes. That is, when the raw material for a pair of shoes is of poor quality, what I see is a paid, broken or incompetent quality control system.




Big brands actually drive industry quality and enforcement of local labor laws. Nike’s contracted factories will have the highest quality and most stringent inspection policies. Are workplace standards the same as in the us and Europe? It is impossible, but high-quality goods cannot be produced in dark, dirty sweatshops. That is to say, some of the work and operations in a shoe factory are hard, dirty and boring.


order shoes from china


Handmade in China


Can China produce high-quality handmade shoes? Yes! Modern footwear has flourished in China for more than 30 years. Shoe making is a mature industry in China, with thousands of skilled shoemakers with years of experience. China is known for churning out millions of gleaming pairs of sneakers, and handcrafted high-end shoes are thriving.




In China, the typical shoe factory would have hundreds or even thousands of workers, but now there is a new class of small factories producing high-quality custom and semi-custom shoes.


Long long ago, handmade shoes design originated in Italy, England and other countries. At present, there are not many in China.


So what is the general production process of the handmade pure leather shoes


  1. First, we need to open the plate

The first step in making shoes, of course, is design. Drawing the shape of the shoe you want to make on your last. It’s a process that requires a lot of elaboration, like painting. Consider the overall proportions of the shoe, consider the arc of each line. And the lines will be drawn on each other. Consider aesthetic feeling at the same time also want to good vamp structure. Printing to some extent determines whether a pair of finished shoes are beautiful. Of course, this is not only a test of aesthetics, but also a test of experience


  1. Cutting leather

The design is completed and made into a flat plate. Begin to cut the leather according to the flat plate. Cutting leather is not just about cutting it out of shape, also consider the fiber orientation of different parts of the leather (this is related to the production of subsequent processes and a certain degree of wear comfort)


  1. Vamp making

Sew the vamp together with a sewing machine. The finished upper is just a “shell” shape. There is no “shoe shape” yet. So the next step is the “stretch last” process. That is, the uppers are stretched onto the last to shape the uppers. Last is very difficult. Handmade shoes are made by pulling the leather by hand and holding it with nails. Little by little he stretched the uppers onto the last, roughly speaking, it takes a hundred or ten nails to hit each shoe.


  1. The next thing I’m going to talk about is what we call the Goodyear process.

The first step is to sew the border. A bit more colloquially speaking, it is to use a line to fasten a belt strip, vamp, in sole together. Next, attach the outsole to it, and then fix the outsole together with a line along the edge. In this way, the upper, middle, edge and outsole are all combined together by thread. This is the essential difference with most “sticky shoes”. You can imagine, adhesive shoes are bound to open the phenomenon of glue, glue shoes basically cost. So sticky shoes are hard to wear for long. And the leather shoes sewn along the line, the key combination part all together


  1. Finally, smooth the outsole and edge of the heel.

Then it’s dyed, waxed. At the same time, the vamp also needs to be waxed by hand. I usually waxed the vamp 6 to 8 times to make the shoes more shiny and even achieve the effect of mirror luster on the toe


Can I get custom shoes made to order?


Yes! In the recent past, custom shoes were only available to the very wealthy, and custom shoes were limited to handmade leather shoes. Frankly, boring! Now you can customize almost any kind of shoe. Ten years ago, the experiment of a small shoe factory and a small start-up brand became a real opportunity for all of us to get our hands on unique shoes to order shoes from china.

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