A Comprehensive Guide Buying Shoes In Bulk From The Manufacturers

A Comprehensive Guide Buying Shoes In Bulk From The Manufacturers

 Buying Shoes In Bulk

Businesses have taken a shift towards online dealings especially after COVID-19. But, side by side, the businesses are still functional offline. Amidst present situation, if you have the shoe designs, storage space, and marketing strategy to hype up your shoe business, you can order shoes in bulk online as well.

Although there are several risks involved in online dealings where you may be tricked by wholesalers who act as manufacturers. There is a difference between dealing with shoe wholesalers or shoe manufacturers. The shoe wholesalers only provide in bulk anything that’s in stock but trustworthy wholesale shoe manufacturers like China shoe manufacturer can offer custom shoe manufacturing opportunities as well.

Here’s a guide to walk you through the process of choosing the best wholesale shoe manufacturers and much more.

Bulk Buying of Shoes From China

China has been the leading shoe manufacturer around the globe. Multiple U.S. shoe brands such as Nike, Hush Puppies, Kenneth Cole, Hawx choose Chinese shoe manufacturers for manufacturing and bulk buying shoes at wholesale prices. It’s a well-known fact that Chinese labour is cheap that makes the manufacturing of wholesale products even more affordable compared to other countries. Moreover, from raw materials to machinery to manufacture shoes are all manufactured within the country that lowers the wholesale prices. Chinese products are of premium quality depending upon the demand of the buyer and his budget. There’s a huge variety of qualities, products, and materials in shoe industry in China that makes your shoe buying experience even easier. Therefore, get your custom shoe manufactured from Guangzhou leather shoes factory here.

How to Choose the Best China Shoe Manufacturer?

 Best China Shoe Manufacturer

When you are establishing your shoe brand, selecting the best China shoe factory is imperative. Moreover, you need to find cheap wholesale shoe manufacturers that are of high-quality.

Here’s the steps you need to follow to buy shoes in bulk from the manufacturers:

  1. Best Shoes to Buy Online:

Whether you are a wholesaler or shoe brand owner, you need to know what sells. Women footwear are highly demanded while men’s exotic skin shoes, sportswear, sneakers, etc. are sold at higher prices. According to changing trends, know how much quantity you need to order and in what footwear niche you should create a monopoly.

If its women’s wear, you should opt for the most attractive shoes to make the customer ‘WANT TO BUY IT’.

Wholesale shoe manufacturers in China manufacture shoes from medium to high quality. The costs vary accordingly. You can also get custom shoes manufactured from China shoe factories to establish a separate brand.

  1. Understand the Quality Control Issues:

Knowing what you exactly need makes the buying process easier and profitable. Be sure of the quality you require when it comes to material used for shoe manufacturing. Being a buyer, understand the quality defects found in shoes that can make the buyer return the pair. When choosing your wholesale shoe supplier from China, it will help you accept or reject the samples at first site. Rather you can make it clear to them what defects you want them beforehand.

  1. Look Up Online and Offline:

Start looking for the best custom shoe manufacturer online on platforms such AlibabaHKDC and Made-in-China. You can also look up for genuine shoe manufacturers in Guangzhou, China, on Google, social media platforms, etc. There are trade fairs in China, US, and around the globe where Chinese wholesale manufacturers can be found.

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Once you are sure of what shoes you want to buy, you can look for wholesale alligator shoes manufacturers, genuine crocodile leather shoe manufacturers, or custom shoe manufacturers. We at chinashoemanufacturers deal with exotic skin men’s shoes, sneakers, sandals, and much more.

  1. Variety of Shoes Manufactured:

Guangzhou is the hub of shoe and cloth factories and multiple other products. From sneaker manufacturers, wholesale alligator shoes manufacturers, python skin shoes manufacturers and other leather shoe manufacturer, you can find factories that specialise in manufacturing your desired shoe. Some factories only sell pre-designed shoes in wholesale, while the most genuine of all offer custom shoe manufacturing option.

  1. Minimum Order Quantity and Other Inquiries:

Setting up a shoe business is quite expensive and usually shoe manufacturing companies in China have high MOQ. However, if you are a wholesale startup supplier or establishing a new brand, choose a shoe manufacturer that has a low MOQ. The good news is we deal in custom men’s shoes and have a MOQ of as low as 5 pair for a start. Get in touch with us if you are setting up your new business.

Apart from that, contact the manufacturer to know if they manufacture the products or only sell the pre-designed products. Usually the trusted sellers offer the custom shoe option because they have their own factories. Oftentimes, wholesalers at aliexpress pretend to be the manufacturers, but that can be costly compared to dealing directly with manufacturers.

If you want to build a trusted brand, be sure of the quality of the raw materials used. If you are only a wholesale retailer selling shoes at reasonable rates, you can choose the quality according to affordability and profit ratio.

All in all, inquire about the costs, raw material quality, samples, designing, manufacturing time, etc. to know what it will take you to set up your new business.

Pros and Cons of Bulk Buying of Shoes:

 Bulk Buying of Shoes

Bulk buying of shoes directly from the manufacturers has multiple pros and cons:


  • Affordable rates of shoes
  • Decide the quality and budget
  • Get custom shoes designed and manufactured
  • Easily estimate business setup costs


  • Difficult to find the right seller
  • Can get really costly when genuine leather is chosen
  • High MOQ can even be costlier
  • Custom shoe designing can get expensive
  • Quality control issues may occur
  • Proper checks need to be applied on each pair of shoe manufactured

Final Verdict:

Buying shoes from China manufacturers is always the best option for start ups and bulk wholesale shoe distributers. Even if you buy shoes in bulk for resale, it’s necessary to find the right wholesale shoes supplier. Contact us to get men’s shoes manufactured in bulk for your new business at cheap rates.

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