Create your own mens shoes

Create your own mens shoes

——Nine styles for your reference


Shoes are an important symbol of a man, and can also tell a person’s habits. Some people’s shoe cabinet is full but do not want to throw away any of them. Some people wear the same one or two pairs every day, and wear them until they are worn out. In fact, this is unhealthy.


Cut to the bone, men need these nine shoes, no matter how many pairs you like to collect, at least put these nine pairs in the front of the shoe cabinet. The rest can be swapped out occasionally. If you haven’t worn anyone for a long time, just throw it away. Otherwise it would be a breeding ground for bacteria and mold, and unnecessary crowding, effect the health of your favorite shoes.



NO 1:Oxford

The Oxford shoes were originally designed by the university of Oxford. Modified from military boots, with closed lapels. The lapel is the two pieces of leather that wear shoelaces. After tying, the laces will completely cover the tongue of the shoes, which looks quite formal and solemn.

Oxford shoes are adequate for any formal occasion, no matter how serious and sweaty the place is. It doesn’t matter if you’re going to an interview or a big business deal. So this is a gentleman’s shoes, can accompany you on the road to success. The overall combination of basic Oxford shoes can be very simple, but also in the formal with a little gorgeous or fashion sense, even more casual gentleman suits are suitable. How can’t you have a pair of such versatile shoes.



NO 2:Work boots

As with handmade process, most of the work in harsh working conditions in the early days was done by people in the absence of machines. Miners, lumberjacks, loaders, diggers and other special jobs often suffer from injuries, cold, and gravity. They need a certain amount of protective equipment to work. From this, the work boots can be waterproof, anti-slip, anti-puncture, strong and wear-resistant performance by special workers and even the military police favored.

When you run into battle, you need a pair of sturdy, well-fitting overalls to save the world. Love of liberty requires boots to one flew over the cuckoo’s nest. Today’s work boots seem to be more of a fashion concept. You have to buy a pair sooner or later. You might as well buy it now.


NO 3: Brogue

Since Oxford shoes are usually decorated with carved flowers, many people will mistakenly think that carved flowers shoes are Oxford shoes. But the carved shoes could have been called Brogue shoes. Any type of plain brogues can be carved flowers, don’t see carved flowers called Oxford shoes. Just like beef noodles do not necessarily have beef tendon is the same reason.

Plain brogues born in the 16th century, the brock was first used in shoes worn by Scots and Irish working in the highlands. Until the duke of Windsor, a fashion leader, wore Brogue shoes to the ball. Today, the rich design of carved shoes can be applied to the office dress of urban professional men in suits and shoes. Also can tie-in recreational dress up to spend a weekend, brogues or derbys collocation is beyond imagination.


NO 4: Chelsea

“Walking down London’s king’s road without Chelsea boots is like walking down London’s king’s road without clothes.”

After The Beatles quickly became popular, The Chelsea boot became The subject of imitations around The world. It’s an exaggeration to say you can’t live through the summer without loafers and the winter without Chelsea boots. But the duke in the boot is always the star of winter. Even if you don’t like trends, you can’t pretend you don’t see them.

With a normal pair of trousers, it feels like ordinary types of leather shoes. But also with the meaning of heroic and frank. If today’s trip involves meeting important clients, the outfit with the elite label is Chelsea. Of course, evergreen shoes are more than that. It’s more Italian if you wear it with seven – or nine-cent trousers. If you wear narrow pants you can tuck them into the boot. Also can regard as the substitute of semi-formal leather shoes commonly. Stiff and crisp lines can also make people more upright. Such types of leather shoes to promote handsome degree, how can’t  you have a pair!


NO 5: Derby

The Derby shoe is the ancestor of the lace-up shoe, originally designed for the army and the most common style of military footwear. The basic identification method is the open shoe tongue, which is the same piece of leather as the toe tip, not completely covered by the lacing lapel. The structure is quite simple. The lace-up sneakers or long and short boots we usually see are also in this style. So basically Derby shoes are your best friend for life.

It’s unlikely that you grew up without a Derby, unless you grew up in a monastery.

It’s better not to wear leather shoes every day. At least wear a day to let it rest breathing a day, in order to maintain the leather and sole of the original characteristics and appearance, but also relatively healthy. So if you often need to wear formal clothes, gentleman’s shoes we recommend brogues or derbys and Oxford shoes. Can meet different collocation needs, also can let them alternate rest.


NO 6: Driving shoes

Driving shoes are also called beanie shoes. Many people think that leather shoes and sports shoes are not a big problem for driving. But in fact they all have their own inevitable disadvantages. First of all, outdoor shoes are not light and flexible because of their heavy weight and volume. In case of emergency, heavy shoes may not be able to make the most accurate response in time.

Secondly, like sneakers, the soles are made of composite materials. And they often include reduced pressure shock proof air cushion, airbag design. However, if you do not have sufficient sensitivity to the strength of the foot when driving, you can imagine the consequences.

Finally, for the comfort of the driver, the fabric of the shoes must be breathable and soft.

Calfskin, lambskin and suede are the most commonly used materials for driving shoes, and the feet feel more comfortable. So it’s best to keep a pair of special driving shoes in the car to avoid accidents.

Tips:Many people think that beanie shoes are walkable shoes, but this is a mistake. If you still want to wear it to drive, you’d better not walk around in it, which will easily wear out the soles. At the same time, if there are nails or sharp objects on the ground, the thin soles still can’t protect the foot and hurt the foot.


NO 7: Loafers

Loafers are shoes that have no laces and are easy to slip into or out of. Loafers originated from slip-on in Norway and became popular in the United States after being modified. They can be casual sailing shoes, they can be leather shoes with a suit. The best known are Tod’s bean shoes and Gucci’s loafers.

Since loafers meet the casual need to wear and take off, design variability is also high. Therefore, in recent years, most of them are leisure styles. But there are plenty of basic uniform shoes. As long as the shoes are black or brown plain, it doesn’t matter if there’s a piece of leather on the uppers, or if there’s a Gucci style with metallic buckles on the uppers, you can wear it with a suit. As a semi-formal gentleman style, it can be used as an alternative to formal leather shoes, one more leather shoe option. If you’re more casual, you can’t without this pair. It’s easy to wear for leisure activities or travel, from blazers to jeans.


NO 8: Monk shoes

Monk-strap shoes, also known as monk shoes, were worn by Italian monks as early as the 15th century to take part in daily clerical work. Although in the famously flamboyant 18th century France it was even favored by the royal family and used as decoration in shoes and clothes. But the true Monk definition didn’t appear until around the 1930s.

Monk definition: the most distinctive feature of Monk-strap shoes is the wide horizontal band decoration and metal ring buckle on the vamp, which is pressed on the tongue of the shoes. And this horizontal band is called monk-strap. Hence the name Monk-strap shoes. Today’s most practical double-buckle Monk-strap. It is said that the shoemaker was commissioned by the duke of Windsor in England to create the design.

Monk shoes has always been the mainstream of men’s leather shoes. But the Italian gentlemen have a fun and easy way of doing it. In the summer with nine point trousers show casual but not casual temperament. Autumn and winter days show colorful socks lively layers. Loosen the buckle close to the ankle no longer rigid, add points to comfort. You can wear it with a suit or jeans. Will you miss the borderless style?


NO 9: Stylish sneakers

There are formal shoes and casual shoes in the front. Seriously, leather shoes are enough for that. You’ll also need a pair of real loafers to create a casual outdoor feel. We’re not talking about functional running shoes or sneakers. Those are for real exercise time. To the style of recreational occasion, still want to choose “wear with” fashionable recreational sneaker.

Don’t think they can be worn for exercise. You’ll suffer for the lack of movement of sole.

This is kind of an emerging category, with a sporty style, but also with a high-quality texture, and the atmosphere of fashion. It just doesn’t look like a power sneaker. Suitable for mixing gentlemen’s leisure style or gentlemen’s sports style. It can suit casual pants, cropped pants, skinny pants, or casual shirts, or polo shirts, or t-shirts, or even semi-formal or blazer suits,

With the more assertive smart casual style, or the business casual style. Suitable for urban recreation, outdoor recreation or travel, it is definitely different from wearing sportswear and sneakers.


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