Why do men need a pair of good custom shoes

Why do men need a pair of good custom shoes

Shoemaker is the ancient industry which born in west, custom-made leather shoes is one of handicraft representative. The custom-made leather shoes with excellent quality and reliable quality are indispensable necessary accessories in men’s life. Make custom shoes from scratch have gradually become a sign of men’s taste, life interest and elegant style for many years. Unlike women’s shoes, which focus on design and fashion, men’s shoes focus more on quality and brand which have many to know.

Leather shoes are a must for a mature man. A good pair of leather shoes not only makes you more comfortable and confident, but also reflects a man’s taste in life and improves your overall temperament. The value is even beyond imagination.

In addition, leather shoes are consumer goods, if properly maintained, can serve you for three to five years or more. A little more expensive is acceptable if the leather shoes is really good enough, because it can’t take much money to spread out for every time, every day, every year . It is definitely worth to invest in a good pair of leather shoes .

which one do we choose?

Dress shoes are etiquette. The tailor makes the man. Formal occasions can not separated from formal wear, also formal shoes. If the leather shoes are infelicity, how top and luxurious the suit is not help, cask principle, water still drain away. Dress shoes are an essential part of social etiquette. A suit made of high-grade materials and well-tailored must be matched with high-quality dress shoes.

Dress shoes may not be appropriate for every situation, but keep at least one pair. Keep army for a thousand days, formal occasions can show elegant demeanour. Leather shoes can be roughly divided into Oxford shoes, Derby shoes, Chelsea boots, Loafer shoes and Monk shoes. Most of the rest are derived from these four categories.

With so many different shoe types, which one do we choose? Let’s first learn the history and characteristics of each shoe type. I believe that when you understand the general characteristics and culture of each shoe type, you will match yourself with a suitable leather shoes.


NO 1:Oxford Shoes

Oxford shoe is called Oxford Shoes in English. Oxford shoes were originally designed by the university of Oxford, modified from military boots. With a closed flaperon, flaperon is the two pieces of leather wearing shoelaces, shoelaces tied will completely cover the tongue, looks quite formal, give person formal, solemn concept feeling. Oxford shoes are the most basic,timeless formal and casual shoes. If you don’t know how to match your formal suit, you can choose Oxford shoes without hesitation, which can be used for almost any occasion. These are the essential leather shoes for men. The most prominent feature of Oxford shoes is closed lacing. Oxford shoes look simple, low-key, It’s fine for daily black, dark brown can be.


NO 2: Derby Shoes

It can wear formal or cowboy Derby shoes. Derby shoes are popular collectively referred to lace-ups, also called lace-up shoe in Europe. The name Derby comes from the 14th earl of Derby in 19th century England. His feet were too wide to fit into a pair of slender oxfords, so his own shoemaker developed the lace-up open-front shoe for his big feet. Derby shoes are less formal than oxfords, but it’s more convenient and comfortable to wear, Is also recreational dress up shoe model.

The most important difference between Oxford and Derby shoes is whether the flaps are closed or open. Oxford shoes are closed, Derby shoes are open, therefore, Oxford shoes show thinner feet, while Derby shoes are more suitable for wider feet and slightly casual.

So why we don’t talk about brogue? How does brogue stand out from the others?

First, we want to tell you that brogue is not a shoe type. Brogue refers to a shoe with a cut-out uppers, joined together by a piece of leather with a jagged edge. So brogue is not strictly a classification of shoe shapes, but a general term for decorative arts. That means, whether it’s dress shoes, boots, casual shoes, it is brogue shoes which have above characteristic.


NO 3:chelsea boots

Chelsea boots originated as a British Victorian equestrian boot and became famous for the legendary band the Beatles.

Features: low heel, round toe, no laces, non – high heel, ankle – high. The front and back are made from different leather materials, and the elastic on the side is used to tighten the boot shaft. “Walking down king’s road in London without Chelsea boots is like going naked.” After The Beatles became famous. The Chelsea boot became a copycat around The world. Although it’s exaggerate to say we can’t go through the summer without loafers or the winter without Chelsea boots. But “duke in the boots” is always winter’s main character, even if you don’t follow fashion, you can’t ignore it.

Paired with a pair of normal pants, it feels like a pair of regular leather shoes, but with a sense of audacity, If today’s trip involves meeting important clients, the outfit with the elite tag is Chelsea. Of course, this is not the only thing about evergreen shoes. If you wear them with trousers, they will look more Italian. If wear narrow tube trousers you can put trouser tube into shoe canister. And also regard as the substitution of half formal leather shoes normally. How can not come a pair Stiffly stand agile line which can let a person shows taller and straight, handsome and it’s such a nice thing to improve your looks.


NO 4:Blucher

Blucher had some connection to the Prussian field marshal Blucher. Until the 19th century, the military still wore boots, after a day’s march in the wet mud, muddy boots were troublesome. To make marching more comfortable, marshal blucher modified the boots, add shoelaces and two pieces of leather under the ankle from the heel to the instep, and tie them together. It was easy to slip on and off, and because of the shoelaces, the soldiers with wide feet did not squeeze them. In fact, in many places, the word “Derby” and “brucher” are used together, most people don’t understand the difference. But there are subtle differences: the lapel of a Derby shoe is separate and sewn to the vamp, while the lapel and upper of a brucher shoe are a single sheet of leather.


NO 5:The Monk/straps

Monk shoes are also called straps. As early as the 11th century, Roman monks wore similar shoes. Its name comes from the 15th century, designed by Italian monks, No one would expected that monk’s shoes would become fashionable in a few centuries. The monks of that time, like the street photographers of today, led many of the trends of the time. Monks liked the shoes mainly because they were durable and more protective than the popular sandals of the time, very suitable for monks’ daily work. Wander between formal and casual fashion. Mengke’s biggest feature is the lack of shoelaces. The upper is decorated with a wide transverse band and a metal clasp, which is pressed onto the shoe tongue. The signature transverse band decoration is called monn-strap. Before lace-ups, they quickly became popular.

According to the shape appearance, extends a single button, double button, three button even cross strap. At that time, double-buckle mengke shoes are the most popular style, which can be rigorous or easy. In recreational and the style boundary of formal outfit blurs more nowadays, can match with formal outfit already,It can be worn with formal attire or jeans.


NO 6:Loafer Shoes

The original English word for Loafers is “Loafer”. The original meaning of “Loaf” is a laid-back lifestyle, and Loafer represents a group of people with such a relaxed attitude towards life. Loafers, most of them are flat or low-top shoes with no laces. Characteristic is easy to put on easy to take off, it is the classic style in male recreational shoe style. If you don’t need to be too formal, but still maintain a gentlemanly demeanor, then choose loafers. Loafers generally refer to leather shoes without laces, which are easy to slip into or out of. It originated from Slip-Ons in Norway, when it came to the United States and was transformed, it can be the boat shoe that recreational wears, also can be the leather shoes of matching suits. The most famous are Tod’s doudou shoes and Gucci’s marmalade loafers.

Because loafers meet the requirements of casual wear and take off, their design is also quite variable. So more and more casual style in recent years, Black or brown plain shoes, with or without a piece of leather or, like Gucci, with metal studs, can be worn with a suit. As a semi-formal gentleman style, it can be used as a formal alternative to leather shoes, one more choice of leather shoes. If you tend to be more casual, you can’t miss this pair. It’s easy to wear for leisure activities or travel, from casual suits to jeans.

So much for that, do you have some understanding about the customized leather shoes?

How to choose the right shoe type?

Here is a selection of related fashion street shots with pictures, Let’s learn how to match leather shoes.

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