How to distinguish exotic skin

How to distinguish exotic skin


The most common type of leather shoes is cowhide, but there are actually a few brands that offer embossed cowhide. Some embossed grain can also be called litchi skin, embossed texture adds a touch of texture and maturity.


Furred cow and sheepskin, also known as suede, adds warmth to the shoes and adds a casual flavor. Suede is often worn on Loafer shoes for a more relaxed look.



Shell Cordovan

After ordinary leather, let’s move on to exotic skin. The skin of a horse’s buttocks is Shell Cordovan. The skin of Shell Cordovan is as it’s characteristic, very conspicuous, this is really bright. And because the pores are worn off first, so Shell Cordovan can’t see pore completely. The price will also be higher than the cowhide. Shell Cordovan cover only occupies 1/8 of the horse buttocks area, because other parts strength is poor.



Alligator Leather

Alligator leather of course, the most important of all exotic skin. If you want to add a little domineering for shoes, or a patchwork, alligator leather is a rare material. And it’s five times as durable and tough as cow hide. As mentioned, the choice of material varies from person to person, which shows your taste, dress style and status.

There is no doubt about one thing is long wear life for alligator leather. Alligator leather is several times stronger than cow skin. The thickness of the hard wear on the skin of alligator leather is not the same as cowhide. So there’s no question that the long wear life of alligator leather products. It’s worth choosing.



Ostrich Leather – Light, soft, breathable and wear resistant

Because the cortex contains a natural oil, hard and uncracked in cold climates, softer than crocodile skin. Its pull is 3-5 times than cowhide. Not easy to age, durable, can be curled, also can be processed into ostrich skin shoes, belts, leather bags, etc. Ostrich skin products have also long been considered a symbol of taste, wealth and status. The service life of its products is long and increases with the use time. The ostrich skin shoes has a brighter surface and is very expensive superior to crocodile leather.



Snake skin, lizard skin

Snakeskin, lizard skin has unique texture, bright color and fashion sense. Ostrich and lizard skin are made with an inner layer of cowhide to enhance their firmness.

Natural, brightly colored and softly textured python skin is an extremely delicate leather. In contrast to the cold-blooded nature of snakes, made by the python skin shoes but all reveal a bright passion of charm — less ostentatious, more free and easy.

Young women add charm and confidence through the embellishment of python leather bags. The bold impact of ruthlessness and vitality creates a unique snake-print allure. And men wear a pair of python skin shoes, the cool and wild leather property, to convey a hormone message to people, vent their own personality and unique taste.




Finally, the pearl-fish, which is native to Thailand and is also known as Stingray. It has a distinctive surface of pearls encrusted on scales by the accumulation of limestone. This kind of leather is rare.

Each style has a unique texture. Stingray scales are very special and very good reflectance and dazzling. The surface of the raised beads, with the use of time will become brighter. Calcareous agglomerates form on scales and are very strong, and is known as one of the most durable high-grade leathers. In addition, the skin of Stingray has the characteristics of heat conduction, feel cold, very comfortable to touch in summer.



About the maintenance of exotic skin, we can introduce to you next time.

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