Ostrich Shoes

Ostrich skin is one of the world’s most valuable high-quality leather, soft, light, strong tension, good air permeability, wear resistance, The natural pattern of ostrich skin with a special natural pattern of polka dots. It has good air permeability and is probably the most comfortable leather in the world. Ostrich can be called Exclusive “Platinum Collection”.

Because the cortex contains a natural oil that does not harden or crack in cold climates. It is softer than crocodile skin, and its tension is three to five times than cow skin. Not easy to age, durable, can be curled. So, ostrich skin is hard to fake.

Marcusius ostrich shoes including ostrich shoes mens, ostrich dress shoes, ostrich shoes ladies, blue ostrich shoes, alligator and ostrich shoes, ostrich running shoes, two tone ostrich shoes, vintage ostrich shoes etc.

Marcusius is a factory manufacturers of ostrich shoes. we can make exceptional quality all-over ostrich skin footwear. The stylish lace-up is handmade from a ostrich skin and it is fully leather lined, with a special sole.  If you want to custom genuine ostrich shoes, you can work with our designer to creat an unique item. Contact us now!!!

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