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Women always prefer investing in premium quality genuine leather shoulder bags for formal to informal occasions. How about bringing your customers exotic textures of animal skin leather that too manufactured from real animal skin?

You take the chance of selling your exotic leather shoulder bags to another level by offering the most luxuriously textured original leather shoulder bags. Leather is expensive while the exotic leather skin is even more hot-selling and highly priced.

Do you wish to source top quality exotic leather shoulder bags for your bag and shoe store? Or even if you have an online leather ladies bag shop, you can only win the customer with the quality of leather you offer, right? It necessitates the fact that you only invest in superior quality leather bags, backpacks, wallets and other fashion accessories. If you want to stand the competition of luxury brands, you have to deliver class, excellence and value through your products.

Where to Buy in Bulk Genuine Exotic Leather Bags?

Wholesalers always keep a profit margin as they get their products from a manufacturer. They cannot even change or guarantee about the quality of their products. When it comes to leather bags, quality cannot be compromised.

Marcusius is a wholesale custom leather bags manufacturer (private label exotic leather bags manufacturer) in Guangzhou, China. Marcusius is working since ages to source genuine leather shoes and bags to brands, wholesalers and retailers around the globe.

Why Choose Marcusius?

Marcusius is a trusted leather goods manufacturing factory that can benefit you in several ways:

  • Leather is sourced from factories that used humane methods of producing leather
  • Lowest manufacturing costs possible on leather bags, shoes, and accessories
  • Very small MOQ to help small to medium scale businesses
  • You can expand your bags business to matching leather shoes, belts, backpacks, travel bags, and other fashion accessories
  • Design customization as well as private labeling of bags is available
  • You can resale in wholesale the best quality products on online platforms

Collection of Bags Offered By Marcusius

At Marcusius, you can find a wide range of genuine alligator bags, ostrich bags, python bags, and crocodile bags. In fact, the popularity of crocodile and python leather bags recently spiked up for the luxurious texture and feel of the leather.

In our exotic leather bags collections, we have:

  • Alligator Birkin bag
  • Crocodile kelly bag
  • Birkin crocodile bag
  • Vintage crocodile bag
  • Crocodile leather duffle bag
  • Black crocodile tote bag
  • Crocodile print bag
  • Ostrich Birkin bag
  • Pink ostrich bag
  • Python hobo bag

Check out the catalogue of genuine leather bags, belts, and shoes handcrafted at Marcusius.

Get in touch now to share the details of your business and designs you want us to customize or private label for you.

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