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Yellow is a very funky, uplifting and energetic color. People who want to get out of the minimalistic, subtle, and monotonous hues of shoes often pick bright colored footwear. Rather yellow shoes are becoming a popular street style fashion as well as sportswear. Paired with muted blacks, whites and floral apparels, yellow is such a nice pop of color to add a little drama and style to the outfit.

Whether you are setting up a luxury shoe brand for kids or teens or youth, you must consider adding trendy yellow running shoes, sportswear, gym shoes, yellow alligator dress shoes and more.

A shoe sells only when it’s comfortable and manufactured from premium quality material. For a designer inspired luxury feel, exotic leather shoes for men and women are in vogue. If you want to source exotic crocodile leather gold shoes, python shoes men, crocodile shoes women, crocodile effect shoes, mens alligator shoes wholesale from China, you must find reliable shoe manufacturers rather than a wholesaler.

Marcusius Is OEM/ODM China Shoe Factory

Marcusius is established for decade manufacturing genuine leather custom leather shoes around the globe. We are also private label leather mens shoes manufacturers making shoes from authentic exotic animal skin leather. Our yellow leather shoes aren’t made from synthetic textured leather but from the real crocodile leather, python leather, ostrich leather, lizard leather, or alligator leather.

When genuine exotic leather is dyed to a bright yellow color, the texture of exotic animal skin paired with a beautiful dyed yellow shade adds to luxuriousness of the shoe.

Marcusius will manufacture the best quality exotic leather shoes for your brand.

  • Our genuine leather does not crease, peel off, or break open. It can be stocked with durability guaranteed.
  • We offer vegan leather shoes for brands who prefer not to have animal leather
  • The comfort and quality of our shoes is something to be experienced. The soft, breathable leather insoles can get you going from day to night.
  • Each of the exotic leather panels and hand sewn with durability ensured
  • We create designer inspired trendiest and fashionable shoe designs to hook your customers at first sight.
  • We offer customization and private labeling of the shoes

What Do We Offer?

We have a wide variety of yellow exotic leather sneakers, running shoes, dress shoes, derbies, oxfords, and boots.

  • Crocodile fashion sneakers
  • Croc textured boots
  • Round-toe derbies
  • Alligator tennis shoes
  • Alligator loafers mens shoes
  • Alligator shoes with eyes
  • Men’s crocodile dress shoes
  • Yellow alligator shoes
  • Real python leather shoes
  • Genuine ostrich leather shoes

Get in touch with us to manufacture for you custom exotic leather shoes for men and women, bags, wallets, briefcases, travel bags, caps and belts. Contact now.

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