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Women invest in classy and expensive bags and shoes that are durable, trendy, chic and luxurious. Even if it’s the gym bag, travelling bags, yoga bag, hiking bag, outdoor backpacks, doctor’s style travel bag, bucket bag, briefcase, messenger bags, or duffle bags, customer invest in genuine and top quality product that is meant to last and has a timeless design. One material that looks timeless, classic, and trendy on top of being absolutely luxurious is leather. Leather bags are hot-sellers in every season. In fact, you are planning to expand you shoes or bags business, you must consider adding premium quality leather bags made from genuine animal leather.

Rather the textural luxurious feel of exotic animal skin leather is in vogue for the past few decades. The texture of snakeskin, lizard skin, crocodile leather, python leather is simply exotic. We have bags wholesalers and retailers who constantly buy in bulk alligator duffle bags and crocodile leather duffle bags from us. Because Marcusius keeps quality and genuineness of leather a priority.

About Marcusius China Manufacturers

Marcusius is a China exotic leather bags manufacturer (and private label exotic leather bags factory) established since decades. We are proudly sourcing the best quality exotic animal skin leather bags and shoes to multiple brands and retailers around the globe. We strive to provide you with the humanely produced animal skin leather duffle bags and travel bags.

Why Choose Us For Exotic Leather Travelling Bags?

Marcusius offers custom-made traveling bags, duffle bags, gym bags, and more. We are one of the leading exotic leather shoes and bags factory in China dealing only with genuine snakeskin leather, python leather, lizard leather, alligator leather, crocodile leather, and ostrich leather. We are offering affordable wholesale rates on our travel bags in bulk.

By sourcing your leather bags and shoes from us, you can have multiple benefits:

  • We have low leather goods production rate in comparison with leather goods wholesaler.
  • Leather is expensive while exotic skin luxe leather is super costly. By investing in a few high quality exotic textured leather bags, shoes, belts, and wallets, you can earn great profit on each sale.
  • We have a genuine quality humanely-produced animal skin leather that is comfortable, flexible and breathable. Our superior quality leather ages beautifully rather than creasing or breaking like synthetic low quality leathers. With the right investment, you can target the right class of people and earn their trust.
  • We are custom real alligator leather, crocodile leather, and python leather travelling bag manufacturers. We can manufacture for you luxurious designer leather bags that you can sell at affordable rates to get more customers and sales.
  • We also private label travel bags to give your customer the feel of wearing a brand they always trust.

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