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Invest in genuine exotic textured leather dress shoes to add the element of luxury and class you want to see in your brand. We manufacture high quality leather shoes, bags, and more.

No men’s wear brand can be complete and competitive without dress shoes. Dress shoes are every man’s wardrobe essential, thus increasing your chance to be in the competition. However, what will make you stand out is the comfort and breathability of the shoe—a top priority of the wearer. But, what if all your competitors are already selling the most comfortable dress shoes? Yes, it’s the timeless and classy design that attracts, hooks and sells. The feel and look of genuine leather dress shoes against the synthetic leather textured dress shoes has no comparison. Wearing an exotic real python leather shoes or real alligator dress shoes feels luxurious and an investment worth every penny. If you are a brand importing ‘class’ and ‘luxury’ via your trendy mens wear shoes, you need to add exotic alligator shoes in wholesale to your shop.

Why Source Dress Shoes From China Shoe Manufacturers?

Marcusius is a private label shoe manufacturer that’s dedicated to handcraft each of its exotic leather shoe using humane methods of production. We are custom shoe manufacturers with the raw material, machinery and expertise to craft the most high quality and genuine leather alligator bags, crocodile shoes, ric flair alligator shoes, women’s alligator shoes, genuine python belts and bags, real crocodile leather dress shoes and more.

With Marcusius, you can get customized leather shoes for men and several benefits:

  • Affordable production costs
  • High profit margins on leather goods
  • Small MOQ for small to medium scale business
  • Customized exotic leather shoes
  • Private label shoes for men

What’s In Our Dress Shoe Collection?

If you want to add dress shoes to your shoe collection, you can explore through our range of trendy, fashionable, and genuine leather dress shoes. Not only are they well-priced, but they are also very comfortable and lightweight to wear from day to night.

  • Croc patterned oxfords
  • Genuine croc leather dress shoes
  • Handmade Chinese leather formal shoes
  • Alligator custom dress shoes
  • Formal alligator pointed shoes

We provide OEM/ODM service (inclusive of amazon private shoe label service) to let you brand your products perfectly. We are located in Guangzhou, China handcrafting custom shoes, bags, belts, and wallets for men and women of class. We manufacture the most luxurious of leather products in bulk at very affordable rates. Your local leather shoes manufacturer might cost you higher for each pair in bulk compared to our rates because we source our raw materials from within China. We also ensure to source our raw materials from industries using humane methods for leather production.

Get in touch with Marcusius to get customized leather dress shoes or private labeled formal dress shoes in wholesale. We can also manufacture designer inspired luxury men’s footwear for your local wholesale business.

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