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Oxford shoes, half-boots with slits gained fame at Oxford university in 1800, are formal dress shoes that mark the class and style of men. The closed lacing structure at the upper part of the shoe adds to the elegance of the men’s dress shoe. The traditional and classic leather Oxfords have now become a part of ladies fashion apparel too. Compared to Derby shoes, Men’s oxfords are more formal, business class, and structured for ‘formal-only events’. Oxfords come with plain toe, cap toe and wingtips design.

What kind of Oxfords do men and women buy?

Oxfords are meant to be comfortable, breathable, fashionable and durable. If you check all these boxes with the oxfords available at your brand, you are sure to have great sales. If you are planning to source these smart shoes—the oxfords—at your wholesale or retail brand, you must first be sure to get them manufactured from genuine leather that ages beautifully, doesn’t crease or break with first use, and can be stocked without a chance of losing its sheen or quality. Then, comes the comfort of the insole and outsole and the design of the shoe.

Marcusius Manufacturers Exotic Leather Oxfords At Low Prices

Marcusius is a custom shoe manufacturers made from premium quality genuine leather with private brand labeling. We only source real exotic alligator, python, crocodile, ostrich leather that is humanely produced. When it comes to classy oxfords, we manufacture real alligator shoes, ostrich shoes, python shoes and crocodile shoes for men and women.

Check out the catalogue of our wholesale exotic leather oxfords here that will surely spike up your sales.

  • Goodyear welted oxfords
  • Crocodile whole-cut leather oxfords
  • Classic bi-color oxford dress boots
  • Crocodile cap toe oxfords
  • Handmade crocodile Chinese oxfords

We have a small MOQ to let you order your first exotic skin leather shoe samples to be satisfied from the quality of material we use. Not only our leather is durable but it feels luxurious upon wearing. The exotic leather skin textures adds to the fashion statement of each shoe.

We aim to satisfy the sellers by providing the best quality oxfords and other leather products. Because when the seller is satisfied about his product, he can sell them with greater surety and a lifetime guarantee for its produce. In fact, in our B2B business, we have successfully satisfied thousands of sellers by sourcing them genuine leather shoes, bags, and belts at their original and lowest prices in wholesale.

Marcusius if offering:

  • Customization of designs
  • Private labeling of oxfords
  • Genuine exotic skin leather humanely produced
  • Low production cost
  • Small MOQ requirement for small businesses, startups and wholesalers

Get in touch with us for custom exotic skin shoes made from premium quality alligator, crocodile, python or ostrich leather.

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