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Monk Straps

Monk straps are famous since high middle ages when monks shifted from sandals to strapped shoes. Monk straps are detailed with multiple straps, comfortable insole, and a round toe front shape. Handcrafted monk straps are an emblem of class, luxury and excellence. Monk straps are a contemporary fashion statement that complement formal suits. These also look great with casual attires of knitwear and jeans for both men and women.

When you source your genuine leather products from a wholesaler, you don’t get the lowest possible price. They keep a profit margin for themselves. However, when you source your shoes for your startup, online business or a brand from genuine leather products manufacturers, you get them at lowest possible rates. If you source your leather Monk straps from China, you not only buy the best quality leather shoes but those made from exotic python leather, ostrich leather, alligator leather, or crocodile leather make great luxury add ons to the men’s footwear store.

Marcusius Manufactures Exotic Leather Monk Straps

Marcusius is an OEM/ODM shoe factory in China manufacturing custom exotic genuine eleather shoes, bags, belts, wallets, and briefcases at very low manufacturing costs. Marcusius is proudly producing in bulk private labeled leather shoes for men, women and kids.

Why Choose Marcusius?

  • Lower manufacturing costs compared to China wholesalers or retailers as they keep a profit margin
  • Low MOQ to let you ensure the quality of leather and comfort of the shoe pair. Rather with the lowest MOQ offer, Marcusius is aiming to help small to medium scale leather shoe brands to grow by sourcing genuine leather shoes and bags.
  • Only humanely produced genuine leather is used that ages beautifully without creasing, breaking, etc. like low quality leather shoes.
  • A wide range of leather monk strap designs inspired from luxury brands.
  • Produce hundreds of leather products in smallest possible time.
  • Each of the shoe is passed through a quality check after its making to ensure there are no rough edges, design error, etc.
  • Design customization and private labeling is also offered to let you brand your unique designs proudly.

What We Have to Offer?

We have real ostrich leather monk strap, alligator leather monk straps, python leather monk straps, and crocodile leather monk straps.

If you really wish to sell class and luxury to your customer with comfort and breathability of the soles, you need to get our samples ordered to see what we are talking about. Marcusius believes that if the seller is satisfied and sure about his products, the customer is sure to get convinced.

Check out our catalogue of leather shoes and accessories here. Get in touch to order your exotic leather custom shoes from us here.

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