Shoes in autumn and winter

Shoes in autumn and winter

There have been a lot of seasonal choices on clothing recently, which are closely studied from the perspectives of fabric texture, color and temperament matching.

Actually,when collocation modelling has no way to proceed with. Aaccording to seasonal clue often can quickly open train of thought. Gradually screen out the most in place sheet.

Of course, the same applies to shoes.

As the soul mate of suit, the orientation of leather shoes can control the effect of integral modelling as well.

It may not be in the focus of natural sight. But it’s no exaggeration to say that the effect is even stronger than the top or pants.

Little white shoes

The most familiar example is the magic little white shoes that were highly praised by web articles in previous years. It seems that even a high-count worsted business suit without wool sense. It can be changed into Smart Casual in a second.

Smart Casual does not mean simply changing into a pair of Casual shoes. In fact, it is more about success or failure.

So today we will talk about the choice of autumn and winter shoes train of thought. See what respect we can extend according to seasonal theme consideration.

The material

When it comes to leather shoes, I believe that the first time gentlemen will think of the shiny smooth upper,not to mention when the actual in front of them, in the face of the perfect mirror mood will be how jubilant.

After all, in the absence of synthetic materials, Bling Bling’s shiny sheen has always meant high class. And to be like gentleman name card general leather shoes, it is one of the most appropriate footnote undoubtedly.

But come autumn and winter, simple sense more bright and distinctive leather makings became the biggest ambush.

Suede, cattle bagger, embossed leather

Everybody knows, tweed, flannel, corduroy is wool wool feels apparent common winter fabrics, appearance is more “coarse”.

If want to pass leather shoes to have echo somewhat on level, improve integral feeling. That exquisite smooth face may not be able to regard as ideal choice.

Because it lacks the warmth needed to connect with the atmosphere of autumn and winter at a glance. But adds a bit of cold feeling.

In contrast, such as suede, cattle bagger, embossed leather and so on “coarse” material performance more in line with autumn and winter orientation. Their surface fluff, texture, all imply some kind of rough and elegant deep meaning.


Here is a little science, perhaps everyone is familiar with the word suede. But what is referred to, has not been an accurate understanding.

The original suede is widely believed to have been harvested from deer of a deer family. It is pliable and thick, grain face feels natural and bright. It is a good leather material and can use for clothing and shoes.

But when deer became an international endangered animal, there was a shortage of them. So what to do? Manufacturers of course to use their brains to copy this effect to meet the market demand.

The final product will differ from the polished leather surface (inner and outer).

In general, now the chamois is not the name of a leather material. But a kind has suede to feel character, the leather state that is close to primitive chamois, can thick but fine. Such as cowhide, sheepskin, pig skin, deer skin can be used as raw materials for natural suede.

Now, there are artificial suede product of course, texture patterns are similar to natural suede, deft, durable and easy to do. But feeling of hair is not so obvious, lack of air permeability.


It is important to note that this does not mean that the fur leather can be turned upside down as suede. Which is called suede, also known as “fur”, “anti fur”.

The other is Nubuck, a suede with a short, even fabric that is finer and tighter and has a matte feel. High elasticity, no creases when wearing shoes.

In addition to their winter perceptual, many men use suede and oxbow shoes as their commuter footwear because of their waterproofness.


But defect is easy with dirt, not be able to bear dirt, so maintain is another thing.

The last one doesn’t have a warm nap as a finish, but the texture on the leather still matches the “thick” orientation of most winter suit fabrics.

It is embossed leather, in the embossing machine through the steel version of the cowhide, sheepskin under pressure, shaping a rich variety of flower decorative surface leather, such as litchi, crocodile, snake, etc. Visually, the texture is stronger than suede.


Like tweed, or carded flannel, or twill, which is not very heavy. After all, the soft touch is easy to leak.

If your suit is made of one of these rougher, looser fabrics and requires a hard line for the shoulders and waist. So match lines are sharp and long, elegant model smooth face formal outfit shoe. Can make a big discount undoubtedly on completion degree.

Of course, oxfords, Derby shoes and even Chelsea boots can be made from the suede mentioned earlier, but a more direct approach is to choose more casual, rustic footwear with eye-catching design elements.

Monk shoes

My personal preference is for Monk shoes, which dominated the shoe industry before lace-up shoes and they adopted the U.S. air force in world war Ⅱ.

After all, I’m sure everyone already has a pair of meticulous oxfords, so why not consider showing off your taste with more interesting munch shoes?

Its horizontal leather buckle on the tongue gave it a rough flavor, even with the Chelsea boot has become a rock, punk elements of the standard.

The style of the single button is sharp, but the orientation is easy, and it can be combined with u-shaped seam, Norway seam and other styles that are young and fashionable. And double button presents more volume feeling, sedate and low-key, suit ripe male gentleman.

But in any case, the existence of the horizontal buckle has succeeded in pulling the “thick” direction. Even the smooth surface is more suitable for the winter coarse material orientation than the formal shoes.

Similarly there are suede loafer shoes, desert boots, in the autumn of the leisure scene collocation single west mix modelling the most suitable.

Have to mention is that play style restoring ancient ways such as tooling, Rugged, Gent’, etc. Also might as well try to choose Tricker ‘s and Viberg brand trademark round head boots, fruity and Rugged, with jeans, khakis, etc.

And the sole, edge thickness, bright seam, carved flowers and other style of the overall atmosphere of the same can not be underestimated. For example, the lines on a double base will be more “clumsy”. And carry more weight than those on a single base. Norway seam/Brock carvings are undoubtedly more eye-catching than plain face.

Eventually, however, other elements of the shoes style must be considered. Taking into account the degree of coordination with the pants. Especially remember the bold shoes with pants not too slim, otherwise like a child in adult shoes.

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