Guide To Dress Code In Anti Epidemic Period

Guide To Dress Code In Anti Epidemic Period

I think it’s clear to you how serious the situation is, we can do the less. The most important thing is to stay at home as much as possible and go out less to avoid increasing the risk of infection.

If you have to go outside, in addition to wearing a mask. Many people also worry that the clothes we wear will not absorb the virus? 

Some time ago, there were rumors on the Internet that “plush clothes will be more susceptible to viruses.”

But according to respiratory and critical illness experts interviewed by the news, in fact, the virus’s survival time on clothing is relatively short, as short as a few minutes, long as a few hours.

And the virus is relatively short-lived on wool, generally the smoother the place, the more likely it is to survive. With this “principle,” you can make a good choice of protective clothing if necessary.

I’m not encouraging people to travel. It’s about having to go out to buy masks, buy medicine, or run out of necessities and stock of food, go out and buy, and then back to work.

Not only is the necessary mask, we can also flexibly use their daily clothing, to play a certain role in the protection of the effect of isolation.

Clothing selection guide

The novel coronavirus is similar to the 2003 SARS virus in biological characteristics, and the latter can survive in plastic, metal and other materials on about two days. 

The “viral nucleic acid was also detected on the door handle” earlier seemed to confirm its properties. So if it’s not necessary, try to go out this period wearing as few metal structures as possible, as well as plastic pieces like PVC, and put them in your closet at this moment.

In terms of fabrics, the rougher the surface, the better. Don’t dress too smooth, like  a single leather product,, also be less recently.

Relatively speaking, like cloth material, knit, cowboy, shake grain fleece these simple sense is thicker article can be the safer choice.

Sweaters in particular, given that the virus can get into clothes from the air, droplets. According to experts, the virus’s survival time in wool is short if it is not very close contact, which makes sweaters a safer place to be.

Secondly, sweaters are also very warm.

Although it is past the beginning of spring, it is still very cold in most areas. In this time of emergency, the first thing to consider is not how to concave. But to stress to warm and comfortable, the moment must not catch a cold.

Sweater and coat are undoubtedly the most familiar combination of light and warm styles. Special recommendation high collar, the overall collocation, warmth and wrapping will be better.


Also consider a down jacket, which, by contrast, is more insulated when inflated.

On the fabric, we need to pay attention to:

On the surface of previous SARS studies, droplets containing the virus fell on absorbent materials and were no longer infectious five minutes later. And when it falls on the material that does not absorb water easily. Need more than 1 hour, just won’t have infectivity. 

So if you have to go out, or if you’re taking public transportation. It is best to choose to have the natural fiber fabrics clothing with outstanding hygroscopicity. Just like cashmere, wool, cotton cloth.


In contrast, waterproof fabric single product is not recommended to go out wearing, afraid of the danger within the hour.

If you can’t break it down, keep in mind that many sports jackets are waterproof, and wait until the epidemic is over.

Also, keep your clothes as dry as possible.

Referring to the data given on the Internet, under dry conditions, a novel coronavirus does not exceed 2 hours. But the wetter the environment, the longer it lives. 

Not only should home Spaces be kept dry and ventilated, when you have to go out, do not “wet”.

Accessories guide

After the clothes we wear have been selected, we can also wear some accessories on the body to further increase the protection.

By now, we have learned how a novel coronavirus can spread by means of scientific articles and videos on the Internet. Its receptor for transmission is angiotensin converting enzyme 2. This enzyme is found in mucosal cells in the mouth, nose and eyelids.

That’s why wearing a mask is so important.

Although experts explain that there is no need for the average person to wear goggles. But out in front of a crowd of strangers, might as well put on his usual sunglasses, glasses. Although it’s not as closed as professional goggles, but also for our glasses to play a certain shielding effect.

Gloves are also one of the most discussed “protection items” these days.

If you think wearing disposable gloves is too embarrassing, too exaggerated. Might as well put on their usual warm gloves, will be a little more natural. But remember to wash and disinfect frequently.

About the hair.

A lot of people are also worried that our hair in the stream of people will be contaminated with foam containing the virus?

Presumably, the virus can live in the hair for two to three days. But after more than an hour it is free of infection.

But the fear is that within an hour. Some people who like to twirl their hair but don’t wash their hands before rubbing their eyes.

In this way, wearing a hat when going out is also a safety measure.

Following the “virus in wool survival time is very short” principle we mentioned above. Knitted wool hats are now ready to work, warm and “sterilized”.

Besides, cotton baseball caps with brims also seem to work well.

The brim can also have certain shielding effect on the droplets in the air.


I want to tell you that you should wash and change your clothes after you go out.

Don’t be lazy, it is better to be able to sterilize.

If your clothes are a little more delicate, worried that the use of chlorine-containing disinfectant would cause corrosion. You can also use a dryer and iron to disinfect clothes. But here do not recommend hanging ironing machine. The reason is that the temperature can not play a good disinfection effect.

Of course, the most important thing to go out is the problem of masks, wearing masks you are the most fashionable guy.


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