Create your own mens shoes

Create your own mens shoes ——Nine styles for your reference   Shoes are an important symbol of a man, and can also tell a person’s habits. Some people’s shoe cabinet is full but do not want to throw away any of them. Some people wear the same one or two pairs every day, and wear them until they are worn out. In fact, this is unhealthy.   Cut to the bone, men need these nine shoes, no matter how many pairs you like to collect, [...]

Brogue shoes definition

Brogue shoes definition When it comes to the best shoes to wear in winter, it should be all kinds of boots. Every man should keep a pair of boots to protect him from the cold!Today we are going to introduce you a delicate and tasteful Brogue Boots.  Know the brogue shoes definition culture The Brogue boot is not technically a boot shape, but a decorative craft. brogue definition can be any type from a Chelsea boot to a work boot. But do not belittle this a little [...]

Customize your own loafers

Customize your own loafersSome people say that a man without a suit or can’t wear a suit is not an adult, only called a boy. I thought about it. It seems like that. What do you think?    If you haven’t worn a suit, or don’t like suits, and want to prove you’ve matured into a stable, responsible man (or so it seems), suggest a pair of leather shoes, the first choice for starters: customize your own loafers.    Because loafers belong to lazy [...]

Running shoes fashion trend

Running shoes fashion trend Since the movement of running has been supported and joined by the generation born in 1990 and 2000. It seems that the original wooden chinese shoes mens running shoes that only focus on functionality are increasingly far away from us. Instead, a new generation of chinese running shoes has become richer in design, newer in style and more distinctive in shape. These shoes are presented to a whole new generation of runners with a high profile, which is [...]

How to clean crocodile leather

How to clean crocodile leather Crocodile leather bag, the symbol of luxury and nobility. Refers to: crocodile skin made of various products. The generalized crocodile leather bag is the crocodile “leather goods”, it refers to the crocodile skin as material processing into a variety of leather products, in addition to leather bags, leather shoes, watchband, mobile phone cover, key chain, card clip and even car seat and so on.    Value Crocodile skin is extremely rare and precious, known as the platinum in [...]

How to distinguish exotic skin

How to distinguish exotic skin   The most common type of leather shoes is cowhide, but there are actually a few brands that offer embossed cowhide. Some embossed grain can also be called litchi skin, embossed texture adds a touch of texture and maturity. Suede Furred cow and sheepskin, also known as suede, adds warmth to the shoes and adds a casual flavor. Suede is often worn on Loafer shoes for a more relaxed look.    Shell Cordovan After ordinary leather, let’s move on to exotic skin. The skin of a [...]

Handmade Leather Boots Mens Representative Style

Handmade Leather Boots Mens Representative Style There is a saying, men in boots are walking hormones. Boots may represent a person’s taste, experience, identity. A wide variety of boots, each boot has its own characteristics and is suitable for different occasions. Today I would like to introduce to you some representative boots suppliers brands of handmade leather boots mens. Tired of the endless reprints of AJ1, AF1 that fill the streets. If you still can’t stand the cold feeling of wearing running shoes in the [...]

How about order shoes from china

How about order shoes from china Every year, China, the “factory of the world,” continues to send goods to the world. One of the most representative is shoes. A very striking statistic is –China already produces more than 10 billion pairs of shoes a year, accounting for nearly 70 percent of the world’s total. However, according to foreign media reports, a number of world-renowned shoe companies have left China. Their shoes have changed from made in China to made in Vietnam!   So, is [...]

What kind of shoes do you wear to look gentleman

What kind of shoes do you wear to look gentleman From lean to extreme, no matter how many shoes you like to collect, at least have a pair of gentleman shoes. Because the shoe is the test representative to see a man’s achievement, credibility, social background, education, so the choice of shoes match and maintain is the particularly key!    A man who can put on a good pair of gentleman’s shoes is exciting. As for matching examples, we have already shown you: #Common [...]

Why do men need a pair of good custom shoes

Why do men need a pair of good custom shoes Shoemaker is the ancient industry which born in west, custom-made leather shoes is one of handicraft representative. The custom-made leather shoes with excellent quality and reliable quality are indispensable necessary accessories in men’s life. Make custom shoes from scratch have gradually become a sign of men’s taste, life interest and elegant style for many years. Unlike women’s shoes, which focus on design and fashion, men’s shoes focus more on quality and [...]

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