How to Start Your Own Sneaker Company (Scope, Investment, Risks, and Profit)

Expected to become a $95.14 billion dollar industry by 2025, the sneaker industry has boomed quite fast over the past decade. Also, with the growing popularity of sneaker culture, the fact cannot be denied that athletic footwear was indeed the largest revenue generator in the shoe industry in 2019. Statistical reports show that the athletic footwear had a 95% increase in revenue compared to textile, leather, and other shoes in 2019. The fact that it’s putting huge money in sellers and [...]

China Shoe Manufacturer

Why do we need shoes? Why do we wear shoes? Why are shoes so important? How does it affect us? There are many such questions about shoes that we ask ourselves how such a simple product like shoes which we wear on our feet can have so many impacts on us? Through this China Shoe Manufacturer website, you will many of the answers to your questions. Explore this shoe manufacturer website and you will get a variety of shoes [...]

Quickly Determine The Quality and Price of Leather Shoes

Quickly Determine The Quality and Price of Leather ShoesLeather shoes, like suits and watches, are easy to see a man’s worth. So, the common people is below the circumstance that does not know brand, how to judge the quality price of a pair of leather shoes quickly? I offer a few quick tips based on my own experience,only for newcomer. The vamp at first sight, the sole at second sight. If possible, the third eye is to tear open the insoles to see [...]

Guide To Dress Code In Anti Epidemic Period

Guide To Dress Code In Anti Epidemic Period I think it’s clear to you how serious the situation is, we can do the less. The most important thing is to stay at home as much as possible and go out less to avoid increasing the risk of infection. If you have to go outside, in addition to wearing a mask. Many people also worry that the clothes we wear will not absorb the virus?  Some time ago, there were rumors on the Internet that “plush clothes [...]

What does a real leather dress belt look like?

What does a real leather dress belt look like? A man’s belt is a bit like a woman’s lipstick. It can be so low key that people don’t notice it, or so personal that it becomes the focus of your attention. What does a real leather dress belt look like? Firstly, what is “low-key and have individual character” formal suit real leather belt? A formal belt is a belt assembled in a suit. The common traditional styles are: Pin, veal face, sutures, sealing, [...]

How To Customize Leather Shoes

How To Customize Leather Shoes In fact, if it’s really hard for you to buy shoes, or if nothing looks good in size, then you can look for custom shoes. But to be clear, there are a lot of ways to make shoes.  Bespoke shoe making, as it is known in the old capitalist countries, generally only makes men’s shoes. Because men’s demand is mainly for durability, which is worth consumers waiting for two or three months or even half a year [...]

Basic style of classic gentleman shoes

Basic style of classic gentleman shoes The basic styles of men’s shoes, now regarded as classic, were the product of 1880-1889 European shoemakers exchanging skills with each other. The shoemakers in London, Paris, Munich, Vienna and Budapest are renowned for their virtuosity and taste. The style of shoe is decided by its structural feature above all, have a few big basic category. The first classification of style is based on the way the shoe is closed. Such as lace-up shoes (also [...]

Brands of handmade gentleman shoes

Brands of handmade gentleman shoes London meets Budapest: Benjamin kleman (bastolst) Benjamin Klemann was born in 1959 on foer island in the north sea of Germany. Since 1990 he has run his own bespoke shoe making business in the bucolic Basthorst estate east of Hamburg. From an early age, kleman dreamed of becoming a shoemaker. In new munster, he followed Hungarian Julius ● Harai from the ground up to learn how to bespoke shoe making by hand. Mr. Hary, a renowned shoemaker, taught Mr. Kleman traditional [...]

Important note: Wearing travel shoes too often can cause flat feet

Important note: Wearing travel shoes too often can cause flat feet The arch of the foot is an important structure of the human foot. Having an arch makes the foot elastic. Can absorb ground to face the impact force of the foot, can lock again in sufficient joint, make the foot becomes hard, push human body activity better. Flat foot also known as flat foot disease, refers to the arch of the foot low flat or disappeared, suffered from foot eversion, standing, walking [...]

Top handmade men’s shoes

Top handmade men’s shoes Be fair to your feet   The best relationship between shoes and feet is, When you put them on, you don’t feel them. Are shoes a luxury or a necessity? It depends on how you look at the relationship between your feet and your shoes. And the relationship between shoes and feet, the most famous response came in a conversation between Salvatore figueroa and the former queen of Romania. “Are your feet at ease?” asked figamo. “Comfortable? She replied, “my toes are swimming [...]

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